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We are a creative marketing technology company.

We deliver interactive digital solutions for high-impact customer experiences in retail
 showrooms, events and other out-of-home environments.

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This is how we work

We build our solutions combining leading-edge digital visualisation technologies, eye-catching content and interactive and augmented reality (AR) applications for effective customer engagement.

We operate as an integrator delivering end-to-end solutions. You can deal with one supplier for the entire solution, content updates and solution upgrades.

All our solutions are driven by captivating content. We either adapt your own material or produce new content making sure the content perfectly matches with the interactive application.

We sell both off-the-shelf solutions with customisable content and bespoke solutions we build from the beginning to meet your specific requirements.

Our clients include Canon, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Angry Birds by Rovio, Stockholm Arlanda airport, Karl Fazer chocolate, Unilever, Tesco, British Gas, Vacon and many more.