Inside a marine engine

Inside Wärtsilä's Marine Engine

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Inside a marine engine
Virtual reality power at Neste

Virtual reality power at Neste

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Virtual reality power at Neste
Engaging investors at Kemira

Engaging investors at Kemira

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Engaging investors at Kemira
Stunning sence of presence

Stunning sense of presence

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Stunning sence of presence


Stereoscape takes product experiences to the next level. Our solutions fuse powerful 3D visualisation with engaging interactivity to enable product experiences that are meaningful, informative and fun. Replacing physical with virtual, we save you space, time and money.

Our solutions

Interactive product tours
Virtual reality experiences
Interactive multi-user experiences
Interactive product videos
Interactive sales assistants

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Your benefits


Interactive 3D product visualisations are both informative and persuasive, and enable personalised experiences that inspire action. Find out more.


Existing digital assets are transformed into lifelike, endlessly adaptable 3D content that can be delivered across multiple channels and devices. Find out more.


Replacing physical product presentations with virtual ones leads to direct cost savings and productivity improvements. Find out more.

Selected work

Wärtsilä Wärtsilä

Defying size and inspiring audiences with holographic projection



KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER – Sales Engineer for Virtual Reality Virtual Reality is a truly disruptive technology, and it is quickly becoming a business reality. This is an exiting time to work for Stereoscape – one of the leading Virtual Reality companies in Finland. We have a wide range of knowhow... Read more


WorldViz’s VR technology scales up

WorldViz, the world leader in innovative enterprise-level VR solutions, has introduced Unity and Unreal Engine support for its “warehouse-scale” precision position tracking (PPT) system. The release brings the cutting-edge tracking technology to any VR headset supported by these games engines – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR,... Read more


A recent TNS Gallup study shows: Competitive advantages from VR and AR seen by 87%

The Virtual 2016 event was arranged in Espoo, Finland on May 26, gathering a number of companies and people engaged and interested in virtual and augmented reality. Together with the... Read more