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We are an international team of experience strategists, designers and engineers working on concepting, content creation, user experience and technical implementation. We collaborate with a network of technology partners to deliver cutting- edge, cost-effective solutions.

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We believe

“There is a lot of creativity and technology embodied in every product – unique features and benefits that traditional 2D presentations simply can’t do justice to. We believe in the power of interactive 3D visualisation within product storytelling. Our solutions are helping clients to demonstrate the value of their products, whilst enticing their customers and other stakeholders into getting to know the products.

When people have a chance to interact with lifelike 3D virtual products, dig deep into rich digital content and shape their own experience, product stories become meaningful and memorable – and much more effective for inspiring action.”

Heli Nelimarkka, Chairman, Stereoscape

Our story

Stereoscape Oy was founded in Helsinki in 2008 to create stereoscopic 3D entertainment and advertising content. We produced cinema commercials, fashion short films and Scandinavia’s first feature film in 3D. Working with Finnish and Japanese researchers, we studied the psychological impacts of 3D to optimise the viewing experience. Our roots lie deep within a technology that lets people experience the digital world as if they were inside it.

We harness the power of interactive visualisation to enable digital product experiences that leave a deep impact and drive both sales and productivity.

From 3D to VR, we continue to be thrilled by the sense of presence in an immersive, interactive digital environment – and the potential it unlocks for storytelling.


Stereoscape’s showroom is the perfect place to find inspiration, new ideas and food for thought in digital engagement. We have dedicated over 250 m2 of 5 m high space to the latest digital technologies. Visit us to experience the power of 3D visualisation firsthand, and test drive our interactive solutions.



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