WE ARE GROWING – presenting new team members Jussi, Rami, and John

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Stereoscape is facing a period of strong growth. To be able to respond to the increasing demand and new opportunities opening up for us, we have new talent onboard. The latest recruits to our team are Software Developer Jussi Korhonen, Producer Rami Salle, and John Grönholm as our newly appointed CEO.

Jussi Korhonen, Software Developer

Jussi Korhonen joined the Stereoscape team in fall 2016, originally as a Unity developer. He soon proved to be such a strong talent that his responsibilities were extended to also cover other software development. Jussi has a long-term professional interest in game development, but games are also his hobby. He is strong in concepting work and has a wide knowledge of developing solutions with various software tools.

“I joined the team originally as a Unity developer, but the keyword that attracted me to Stereoscape was virtual reality. Knowing that in Stereoscape I would have a true chance for developing various
VR solutions was important for me. What really excites me at the moment is the potential in collaborative VR that I expect to see a lot more in the coming months,” says Jussi who at the moment is busy creating new virtual environments and solutions for both our customer projects and our own R&D.

Rami Salle, Producer

Rami Salle was recruited to the Stereoscape team to strengthen the production and project management of our growing number of customer projects. Originally trained as a photographer, Rami has experience in creating and producing innovative and creative visual solutions especially for large, heavy industry companies since more than 20 years. Prior to joining Stereoscape, Rami was in charge of business development and creating new service models for a creative agency.

Rami is a keen tech follower with special interest in VR, AR, and MR. “I have always been interested in digital technology. Right now it is moving so fast it is hard for companies to keep track, and I see it as our job to help them find what is the right tool to use at any given time to best serve their specific needs. Combining visual communication with data, or intelligence as it is formulated here at Stereoscape, has always been my passion. At Stereoscape I’m able to follow that passion to create superb visual solutions that help our customers to better do their business.“

John Grönholm, CEO

John Grönholm has been appointed the new CEO of Stereoscape as of January 1st 2017. John brings with him over 25 years of experience in the visualisation, creative and digital business. With a strong track record in business growth in several companies, by creating new as well as accelerating old, John will take the lead in guiding Stereoscape to the next level.

“Stereoscape’s ability to serve the leading B2B brands in Finland, most of which I’m familiar with since years, and to create value for them impressed me. To be able to create significant value added for customers of this size in just months – where it would take others years – is to me an indicator of the great growth potential in our business.”

While John takes the responsibility for the daily management of the growing business, Stereoscape’s interim CEO Heli Nelimarkka continues as Chairman of the Board of Stereoscape.