Our solutions combine compelling 3D visualisation with captivating interactivity, because we believe these are the two most powerful tools to communicate the true value of your products to customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders.

Read more about our solutions, their benefits and application areas, or take a look at our toolbox to learn more about the tools and technologies we use to build our solutions.

Virtual reality solutions

Virtual reality puts your audience in the middle of the action in an immersive 3D environment with no space constraints. Viewers can experience the inner workings of your technology, take a deep dive in your process at a 1:1 scale, test drive your product virtually anywhere, or walk through your factory as if they were really there – and share the same VR experience with others. VR makes products more real in marketing, sales, training, design, research and many other applications across multiple industries.

We offer a wide range of VR solutions and services from 360-degree videos to full-fledged VR experiences. Stereoscape is also an authorised reseller of WorldViz VR technology. WorldViz is the world leader in innovative enterprise-level VR solutions.

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Augmented reality solutions

Augmented reality merges the physical and digital worlds. It uses the real-world view you see through a smartphone, smartglasses or other devices and overlays digital content on top of that view. 3D animations, videos, text, graphics and other layers of digital content can be added to enrich the real world. The result is a compelling experience with an element of surprise that keeps people engaged.

Stereoscape offers end-to-end augmented reality solutions for multiple uses from inspiring marketing campaigns to intuitive visual assistance for service and maintenance.

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Interactive 3D product presentations

An interactive product tour takes your audience on an engaging digital tour of your product, process or entire product line. Your product is brought to life through photorealistic 3D animation to demonstrate features, display material flows, illuminate hidden structures and showcase the product in action. While lifelike 3D visualisation drives a better understanding of your product, interaction helps guide viewers through complex product information and allows them to customise their own tour. Interactivity enables multi-layered product stories, where viewers can dig deep into details or just get a general overview of your product.

Stereoscape builds interactive product tours on a turnkey basis from concepting to audience measurement services and content updates.

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Interactive multi-user experiences

Multi-user interactions on multi-touch displays are an effective way to get all members of your audience involved. Multiple participants can share the same experience or collaborate in a shared workspace to enhance teamwork and boost productivity. Table- and wall-sized multi-touch screens facilitate rich interactions. A large digital space enables multimedia storytelling and multiple layers of interactivity, offering both a close look at details and a view of the big picture.

Stereoscape has the right expertise to build interactive multi-user experiences from needs analysis to turnkey delivery. As a member of the MultiTaction® partner network, we can supply state-of-the-art display technology that supports an unlimited number of touch points and users.

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Interactive sales assistants

Every salesperson works differently, and every selling situation is different. Effective sales tools should facilitate personalised customer interactions and be flexible enough to meet the needs of individual sales representatives. Onu One™ provides that flexibility in one cloud-based interactive platform. It enables personalised product information, brings products to life on both web and mobile devices, and is as easy to use as Facebook.

3D product animations, videos, PDFs and images all work together on the same SaaS platform to show your products in their true form; empowering your sales force and improving sales performance. As a member of the Onu One™ reseller network, Stereoscape provides complete implementation and support services.

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Your Benefits

Interactive 3D visualisation drives engagement

High-impact 3D visuals transmit your message faster, improve comprehension, evoke emotions, and stick in long-term memory. Interactivity invites active participation and amplifies engagement by giving your audience the freedom to explore content on their own terms.

91% of B2B buyers want brands to offer more interactive and visual content*


Interactive content enables personalisation

Interactivity allows you to tell your product story in multiple layers, with each layer adding new information and fostering deeper engagement. Your audience has the opportunity to choose what they want to learn, which makes the experience more dynamic and interesting. Being able to shape their own experience, people are more likely to spend time with your product, acquire better understanding and retain more information. And since digital interactions are trackable, you can gain relevant insight into audience behaviour.

Scalable digital replica of real product

Our solutions leverage your existing CAD models or other digital property to create a digital replica – a photorealistic digital 3D representation of your physical product. Once created, the digital replica works as a master asset, which can be endlessly adapted, easily updated, and cost-efficiently reused in various product visuals and presentations for a consistent product experience.

Scalability across physical and digital environments

The same digital content can be utilised

  • across devices – both brand-owned and audience-owned
  • across multiple channels both externally and internally, and across physical and digital settings from tradeshow to YouTube to employee training
  • in 3D, 2D, VR

Cost and other efficiencies

The shift from physical to digital saves you time, space and money. You can transport less equipment to tradeshows, start selling your products from digital versions, and shorten the sales cycle through high-impact visual communication.

Virtual reality helps assess assembly feasibility, reduce ergonomic issues, and save prototype costs in manufacturing. Shared virtual experiences enhance team collaboration, while immersive VR improves learning outcomes in training.

You can turn almost any physical location into a virtual showroom or increase sales by enabling 24/7 shopping from an interactive store window. And you can both save space and provide better service by showing your entire product range digitally in your physical store.

Save on translation expenses

with lifelike 3D visuals that travel across languages. Find out more.

Application areas

  • Sales meetings
  • Trade shows and road shows
  • Showrooms, visitor centres and corporate lobbies
  • Product launches and other events
  • Project presentations and walkthroughs
  • Investor and analyst meetings and AGMs
  • Training and education
  • Research and experiments
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Virtual teamwork across multiple locations
  • Virtual prototyping and design reviews
  • Plant, process and building simulations
  • Shop windows and in-store environments
  • Pop-up retail
  • Shopping centres
  • Digital out-of-home (DOOH)