Augmented reality solutions

Augmented reality merges the physical and digital worlds. It uses the real-world view you see through a smartphone, smartglasses or other devices and overlays digital content on top of that view.

AR provides instant access to digital information that is related to the immediate surroundings. Let people point their smartphone at your product to display interesting product information. Use AR to place life-size 3D models of products in real environments. Help service technicians to perform maintenance tasks with digital instructions superimposed on the items that need repair. Engage visitors in museums and bring product packages, print ads or real estate blueprints to life. Or delight your audience with gamified AR experiences.

3D animations, videos, text, graphics and other layers of digital content can be added to enrich the real world. The result is a compelling experience with an element of surprise that keeps people engaged.

Stereoscape offers end-to-end augmented reality solutions for multiple uses from inspiring marketing campaigns to intuitive visual assistance for service and maintenance.


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Benefits of augmented reality

  • Simulating physical products as life-size digital replicas in real settings expedites decision-making.
  • Special offers and other digital content displayed in consumers’ line of sight make shopper marketing more effective.
  • AR allows people to experience sights that no longer exist or conceptualise projects that do not yet exist.
  • Animated AR instructions help trainees digest complex information and improve speed and quality of training.
  • Digital checklists, manuals etc. shown on physical objects help installation and service workers do their jobs better.


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