Interactive multi-user experiences

Interactive multi-user experiences encourage collaboration and facilitate social interaction. They are an effective way to get all members of your team or audience involved.

Multitouch displays work as powerful centers of attention. They create a dynamic visual impact and make people take notice. A shared interactive workspace allows multiple participants to collaborate effectively in applications ranging from engineering to education. And from showrooms to trade shows, multi-user experiences with rich visuals and intuitive interactions enhance marketing communications.

A large interactive platform on a table- or wall-sized multitouch screen drives persuasive storytelling and makes exploration of information fascinating. Multiple layers of multimedia content enable both a close look at details and a view of the big picture.

Stereoscape offers interactive multi-user experiences from needs analysis to turnkey delivery. As a member of the MultiTaction® partner network, we can supply state-of-the-art display technology that supports an unlimited number of touch points and users.

We also offer Planar LookThru Transparent OLED displays with multitouch interactivity.


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Benefits of interactive multi-user experiences

  • Multi-user digital environments inspire participation and enable both parallel and joint interactions simultaneously.
  • Product experiences become more engaging, fun and social in interactive multi-user settings.
  • Collaboration in a shared digital workspace promotes teamwork and boosts productivity.
  • Multi-user interactions support unique learning experiences and active learning processes.
  • Interactive visualisations enhance collaborative exploration of large data sets, helping better understand complex data, identify trends and share insights.
  • Solving problems that require visualising and manipulating various data formats becomes more effective.


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