Interactive product presentations

Interactive product presentations combine 3D visualisation and interactivity to drive high-impact product communication. What’s more, they save you space, time and money by replacing physical with virtual.

Every product has unique features and benefits that traditional 2D presentations simply don’t do justice to. 3D visualisation takes product experiences to a whole new level. You can take your audience on an engaging digital tour of your product, process or entire product line. Photorealistic 3D animations let you demonstrate product features, display material flows, illuminate hidden structures and showcase the product in action.

Interactivity drives action. It gives your audience a chance to get involved with your products. People can choose the level of information needed – deep into details or just an overview –and shape their own experience.

Stereoscape offers interactive product presentations on a turnkey basis from concepting to creating the 3D visualisations, planning the interaction and multilayered storytelling. We help you make your products alive.


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Benefits of interactive product presentations

  • Lifelike 3D visualisations drive a better understanding of your products.
  • Virtual product presentations enable cost savings: present any size products anywhere without having to worry about logistics or space constraints.
  • When your product or story changes, computer-generated animated content can be easily adapted and updated.
  • The same 3D product animation can also be cost-efficiently used across different channels and display devices.
  • Interaction makes product information easier and more fun to absorb.
  • Interaction allows personalised experiences: dig deep or show a general overview.


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