Interactive sales assistants

Interactive sales assistant leverages your existing CAD models, turns them into lifelike 3D visualisations and adds other product information to enable effective, interactive marketing and sales.

Every customer has different expectations, every salesperson works differently, and every selling situation is different. Effective sales tools should facilitate personalised customer interactions and be flexible enough to meet the needs of different individuals and situations. ONU One™ provides that flexibility in one cloud-based interactive platform. It brings your products to life, enables personalised product information, and works just as smoothly on your salesperson’s mobile device as on your marketing or e-commerce website.

In addition to 3D product models, ONU One lets you upload photos, videos, PDF files, and web links to the same platform. So salespeople can carry the entire product catalog in their mobile device. They can browse product ranges, zoom and rotate products, highlight dimensions, change colours, display explodable animations and show product specifications in an all-in-one application.

As a member of the ONU One reseller network, Stereoscape provides complete implementation and support services.


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Benefits of interactive sales assistants

  • ONU One works as an interactive sales assistant in a variety of use cases from marketing and e-commerce websites to trade shows and face-to-face sales calls.
  • The platform empowers salespeople to deliver engaging and informative product presentations wherever and whenever needed.
  • Standardised, all-encompassing sales materials improve sales performance across sales teams.
  • The platform provides highly realistic 3D product experiences and enables customisation in e-commerce.
  • Besides sales and marketing, ONU One can boost efficiency in training, service and design applications.


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