Virtual reality solutions

VR use cases for businesses range from marketing and sales to training, design, research and many other applications across industries. Take people beneath the surface of your products and processes. Show the insides of your machine and how it is working. Give your audience a walkthrough of your factory or real estate project before it is even built. Let customers or employees test drive a product or a prototype before a single part of it exists physically. Use virtual reality in training and take advantage of the numerous benefits it brings. Or just create a new and exiting virtual reality experience to boost your brand or product.

Stereoscape offers a wide range of solutions and services in virtual reality from 360 videos to full-fledged computer-generated VR environments.  Our turnkey solutions allow easy access to the business benefits of virtual reality and our experts will help you with every step of your project with both content and technology.

We are also an authorized reseller of WorldViz, the industry leader in interactive virtual reality solutions for professional applications. Read our WorldViz Training Costs And Enhancements Report.


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Benefits of virtual reality

  • The sense of presence in a virtual environment evokes strong emotional responses.
  • Virtual walkthroughs of products and processes increase understanding and retention of information.
  • Virtual test drives inspire customers and positively influence purchase intentions.
  • Virtual prototypes produce time and cost savings.
  • Virtual design reviews enable evaluation of assembly, maintenance, safety and structural issues at an early stage of the design process.
  • Virtual training improves task performance.
  • Virtual meetings promote knowledge transfer in a shared virtual environment – no matter where team members are physically located.


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