3D fashion film for knitwear designer






An independent London knitwear designer Callioppe collaborated with Stereoscape to create a 3D fashion film to promote the brand and showcase the collection online and at special 3D cinema screening at London’s Shoreditch in September 2012.


The designer suggested a concept for the film and collaborated closely with the producer/director to fine-tune it into an idea more suitable for 3D and moving image. The designer’s idea was a portrait of two women, inspired by Renaissance paintings and Orthodox iconography. 3D was used to intensify the feeling of presence of the models. The focus was to create a strong mood for the film, reflecting the brand ethos. At the same time, 3D was used to accentuate and enhance a sense of the contrasting textures of the garments, by the use of lighting, camera movement and extreme close-ups.


The 3D film was launched at a 3D cinema in London’s Shoreditch, shortly after London Fashion Week in September 2012. A 2D version was also available on the brand’s website for a limited period of time.

Client comments

“An enlightening collaboration with highly skilled technicians exploring the possibilities of communicating fashion within this exciting medium. I think the film delivers with great subtlety a tactile, elegant and mesmerising collage of textures and tone with the emotion not lost but enhanced by the technology of the 3D effect. 3D, in my opinion, is an incredible tool for the showcase of high fashion, because of its ability to draw into the finer details effortlessly without compromising mood or concept.”

Head Designer, Callioppe

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