Bliw – modern marketing for classic soap brand






When Bliw was launched back in 1968, Finns and Swedes were able to buy liquid soap in stores for the first time. Since then, Bliw has become a household name in the Nordic countries. To celebrate Bliw’s 45th anniversary in 2013, Cederroth – the company behind the classic brand – launched a new product design and several new scents. Stereoscape supported the launch campaign with a progressive marketing solution.


Stereoscape created a 3D animation reflecting the fresh new look and feel of the brand – inspired by the Nordic nature. To display the content, a Dreamoc holographic unit was chosen for its outstanding graphics and 180-degree viewing angle. The unit was customised with branding on the outside to amplify the marketing message. The installation toured several retail locations around Finland during the campaign.


Holographic projection is a powerful tool for point-of-sale merchandising, facilitating new ways to tell product stories and offering consumers richer experiences. The client was eager to embrace an innovative technology to enhance the new look of its classic brand and ultimately stimulate sales.

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