Fazer – Karl Fazer

Releasing new brand identity at Nordic Travel Fair






For many successive years, Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate has been rated as Finland’s most valued brand. The packaging of the product line was redesigned to support the brand’s international growth, and the new identity was launched at the MATKA Nordic Travel Fair – the largest travel event in Northern Europe – in January 2013. The launch was powered by Stereoscape’s holographic installation.


Stereoscape created a 3D logo animation showing the new modern and cheerful look of Fazer Blue, as the beloved chocolate brand is also known. The animation was combined with a real chocolate bar in a stylish Dreamoc HD2 holographic unit with a 180-degree viewing angle.


One of the objectives of the design change was to capture a small magical moment in the famous blue wrapper of the iconic milk chocolate. The magical moment displayed in the holographic unit was in perfect alignment with the client’s vision, and the mixed reality experience worked as an effective attention grabber in the busy event environment.

Client comments

“The display with the 3D holographic projection gives prestige to the brand!”

Event Manager, Fazer Brands