Interactive customer engagement at aviation event in Chicago






Finavia Corporation maintains and develops a network of 25 airports and Finland’s air navigation system. They wanted to produce something interactive and exciting for their expo stand at the Chicago Aviation Expo 2014. The aim was to promote Helsinki airport as the go-to hub for smooth and fast connections to the Far East. Helsinki Airport is the leading transit airport in Northern Europe for long-haul traffic, connecting Europe and Asia with the shortest route.

Conversations between Finavia, their event organizer and Stereoscape had been ongoing about the ways Finavia could use content and technology to draw in people at their stand and to help illustrate their services that are available via Helsinki Airport in new and exciting ways. The requirement for true interactivity was also high on the list.

The solution

Together with the event organizer Malja, the specifications for the look and feel with Finavia colors were defined, but otherwise Stereoscape had a lot of creative and technical freedom in producing this exciting solution for the client. The hardware used was Dreamoc HD2 hologram device with an integrated touchscreen element for true interactivity:

The user touches the screen and sees the hologram globe, which shows the flight connections from Helsinki and their unique benefits, including the time a traveler could save by traveling via Helsinki, Finland. And – at the end – they receive a personal invitation to join others at the Finavia expo stand Smoothie Bar for a smoothie.


Holographic projection is attractive and inviting to look at, and – when combined with touchscreen elements – it delivers a captivating virtual experience combined with tactile interaction. Effective, integrated interactivity – along with giving a lot of practical information to the user – it also gives a real reward in return for the interaction, while extending the user’s brand journey.

Stereoscape has a wealth of experience in producing solutions for clients with high requirements and ambition to get close with their audiences. Powerful 3D visualisation and engaging interaction, combined with knowledge and desired close-knit relationship with the client before, during and after the project makes Stereoscape unique.