ED energy drink – 3D cinema commercial






Stereoscape produced Finland’s first stereoscopic 3D cinema commercial for Hartwall’s innovative energy drink ED Special F/X Light in 2009. The extra-long 70-second spot preceded Avatar 3D screenings in Finnish cinemas and was also shown at Cannes Lions 2011 and other festivals all over the world.

ED Special F/X was a limited edition soft drink that glowed bright blue (fluoresced) under UV light. In line with the special effect, the client wanted to run an out-of-the-ordinary advertising campaign with special effects to promote the drink.

To gain relevance with ED’s core target audience of 16-24 year old males, who are also heavy moviegoers, the big screen was a key component in the campaign’s media mix. Cinema ads, and 3D commercials in particular, trigger a more heightened emotional response than other media. 3D ads are also perceived to be modern, original and unique – something that was emphasised by the client, along with street credibility.

The live-action, glasses-based 3D spot Stereoscape produced for ED Special F/X is a horror movie parody. The pioneering campaign as well as the product itself received great feedback. The advert made people laugh, evoked a strong emotional response and became a talking point among cinemagoers.

Gossip from behind the scenes: The whole crew was so excited to make this film that we shot a couple of extra shots: one for the AD, one for the producer, two for the director, one for the stereographer, one for the actors…But finally the editor used the original shots by the screenwriter.

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