Eye-catching holographic visualisation of medical technology






Stereoscape worked with an advanced medical technology company to launch a new product and to show it off in an entirely new way. iCare Finland was in the process of launching a new product – Icare HOME – and they were looking for an exciting and attention-grabbing solution that would show off the product and its unique features.

The solution

Stereoscape came up with a holographic animation solution to wow Icare customers. The project was a close collaboration between Stereoscape and Icare Finland to come up with the best possible solution that could be easily taken around the world to exhibitions and product launch events. The first step in the project was to write the script and to discuss what Icare were looking for – and also what the solution would be like. This formed an important basis for the collaboration.

An integrated lockable cabinet for housing important exhibition materials, such as brochures, was another feature the client was looking for. So, Stereoscape built a ‘holographic cabinet’ to house both the virtual product presentation and the physical marketing materials.


Stereoscape delivered an eye-catching holographic solution to wow exhibition goers and show the unique features of Icare’s revolutionary product in an entirely virtual product presentation. The launch was very successful and the holographic installation grabbed the audiences’ attention.