Galaxy S5 launch in flagship store window






Samsung wanted to promote the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone in the window of their flagship store in Helsinki. The challenge was to break through the advertising clutter and grab attention in a high footfall area in the heart of the city.


Stereoscape suggested a state-of-the-art solution to reflect the high-tech image of the product and capture the attention of passers-by. A see-through Holocube HC40 holographic display, all white and branded with Galaxy S5 logos, was installed in the store window to display a captivating 3D product animation.

Samsung provided us with 2D product images. We repurposed the client’s assets, turning them into 3D models suitable for holographic projection. The 3D animation was enhanced with informative text elements, icons, logos as well as stunning visual effects like lens flares.


The modern and elegant holographic display with eye-catching content was a dynamic way to promote the new smartphone and attract customers to the store. The client was very pleased working with Stereoscape and decided to extend the marketing campaign from the initial 3 weeks to 6 weeks.

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