Holographic projection for ‘store of the future






Tesco held their annual company conference at the Excel Centre in London in October 2012. The conference brought together Tesco’s 3,000 strong leadership team from all over the world. The digital revolution was one of the themes of the conference. In their ‘Store of the future’ exhibit, especially created for the event, the retailer wanted to test audience reactions to 3D holographic projection.


Stereoscape provided a HoloVision HL40 holographic display from Provision within the ‘Store of the future’. The display projects 3D content nearly 1 meter into free space. We also supplied ten different holographic content sequences featuring several well-known consumer brands.

Client comments

“The best effect of any 3D display I have ever seen.”

CEO of Tesco

“Tesco staff were mesmerised by the technology. The display is definitely the sort of thing we love to have at events, so I will make sure you’re at the top of my list next time there’s an exhibition to arrange.”

Community Manager at Tesco