The Three Musketeers

3D conversion of 2D feature film


The Production Center of Sergei Zhigunov




The Three Musketeers is a Russian historical adventure film based on Alexandre Dumas’ famous novel. Filming began in August 2012 and took place in St. Petersburg’s suburbs and the Czech Republic. The film, which was produced and directed by Sergei Zhigunov, was released in cinemas in November 2013

The entire film was shot in 2D and converted afterwards into stereoscopic (glasses-based) 3D format for both cinema and Blu-ray distribution. The Three Musketeers was screened in almost every Russian cinema in 2D and 3D, and was also released as a TV series.

The conversion schedule was tight and the process presented some unique challenges in the form  of several last-minute changes, but Stereoscape’s  highly flexible conversion workflow  enabled us to deliver the project on time, on budget and with high quality.


Director: Sergei Zhigunov

Producers: Sergei Zhigunov & Igor Cuida

3D conversion: Stereoscape

Budget: $12.000.000

Original format: 2D

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