Raising Sunsilk brand awareness


Unilever / Mindshare Sweden




Stereoscape, Mindshare Sweden and BSP Event Sponsoring worked together at a fashion gala organized by fashion magazine Sofis Mode in a high-end night club in Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose was to raise awareness of the main sponsoring brand, Unilever’s leading hair care line Sunsilk.


Stereoscape delivered a mixed-reality solution with a 3D animation spinning around a real Sunsilk Co-Creations bottle and provided two Dreamoc holographic displays for the event. The units were installed inside a Sofis Mode promotion tent in the centre of Stockholm, where people could stop by and win tickets for a fashion gala held the same evening. During the gala, the units were strategically placed at the entrance of the Café Opera night club.


Everyone who attended the gala, passed by the installations. 70 to 80% of people stopped to look at the virtually enhanced Sunsilk bottles. Visitors took photos and videos, and compared the virtual experience with the physical Sunsilk products they had been given upon arrival. Innovative brand visibility at a prime location and event helped raise the brand awareness of Sunsilk.

Client comments

“We’re constantly looking for new opportunities and possibilities for our clients to differentiate themselves. When we had the opportunity to work with Stereoscape, we saw it as a chance to take the products and the brand to a new level by using holographic projection. We found Stereoscape to be very flexible and professional, and we look forward to working with them in the future as well.”

Creative Media Director / Head of Invention, Mindshare Sweden

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