Vacon NXP

Making the invisible visible with holographic 3D visualisation






Making the invisible visible with holographic 3D visualisation Vacon introduced VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled Enclosed Drive at the Offshore Korea event in Busan, Korea in November 2014. The NXP drive is part of Liquid Cooled product family, which were also on display at the same event.

Stereoscape has previously supplied Vacon with a holographic solution to showcase their drives innovatively – this time, Stereoscape built on the previous successes, creating assets for Vacon which could be repurposed across 2D, 3D and holographic solutions, helping Vacon to introduce the latest addition to their Liquid Cooled drives family.

The solution

Stereoscape produced for Vacon a set of high-resolution digital product images, rendering the new drive’s product image from all angles and, for example, with doors and without, the module in and the module out, etc. Stereoscape also produced the ‘family photo’ of all drives together.

The digital product images and the 3D turntable content were utilised in both the production of the marketing video by Inuit and the holographic solution delivered by Stereoscape.

The 3D animations were produced from CAD drawings Vacon already held in their own digital asset library.


The holographic solution enabled Vacon to launch the new drive in an exciting way and capture the imaginations of their customers in return. The display attracted a lot of attention in the event and was displayed in a busy cross-junction where many event-goers saw and wondered at the display.

The high-tech NXP drive in a sturdy cabinet is packed full of features invisible from the outside. Making the invisible visible, the virtual product presentation gave customers a chance to look inside this state-of-the-art product.

Vacon were extremely pleased with the speed Stereoscape delivered the content and impressed with head-on approach in overcoming any challenges in the delivery process – and Stereoscape’s attention to detail.

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