Smart Product Communication

Stereoscape uses augmented, mixed and virtual reality – along with 3D and interactive technologies – to transform the way products are communicated. Our smart product communication solutions enable new, effective forms of interaction between people, products and product data. Our clients benefit from new opportunities to save costs, improve productivity, engage customers and drive growth. Take a look at the solutions we offer.

  • Interactive product tours
    Interactive product tours

    Enable both presenter- and user-driven personalised product tours in a touch-controlled experience that integrates lifelike 3D product visualisations with multiple interactive layers of multimedia product information. READ MORE…

  • Virtual showrooms
    Virtual showrooms

    Turn any location into a virtual showroom utilising AR/MR/VR to showcase complete product catalogues in augmented reality; demonstrate virtual products in real environments; or enable entirely virtual product experiences. READ MORE…

  • Productivity improvement tools
    Productivity improvement tools

    Help people work more productively and learn more effectively using AR/MR/VR to display digital instructions on top of the real world; enable ‘see-what-I-see’ real-time remote collaboration; and provide immersive virtual learning experiences. READ MORE…

Latest projects

We work with forward-thinking business and institutional clients. Here are some examples or our latest work.

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Business benefits

Tangible end user benefits drive measurable business benefits.

Our solutions help people

  1. Understand more about products
  2. Work smarter
  3. Learn faster
  4. Make more confident decisions
  5. Communicate better
  6. Collaborate more effectively

 Our clients benefit from

  1. Direct time, space and cost savings
  2. Enhanced productivity
  3. Improved safety and quality
  4. Increased sales
  5. Forward-looking image
  6. New business opportunities

Who we are & How we work

Take a closer look at our company and the way we work.

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