Interactive 3D and XR solutions for enterprise use

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From passive to interactive, from flat to immersive

Our 3D, AR, MR and VR solutions turn product communication from passive to interactive and from flat to immersive to help people understand more, learn faster and work smarter.

Solutions for marketing and sales

Interactive 3D and XR product presentations
Interactive Virtual showrooms

Help people understand complex product information
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Solutions for learning and assisted working

Interactive 3D and XR learning solutions
AR-powered work instructions and remote expert support

Help people learn faster and work smarter
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Our latest work

End-to-end service

We deliver our solutions end to end – from concept to completion and ongoing support. Read more about our services.

New from Stereoscape


Stereoscape is Telia’s partner in the newly launched service AR by Telia. Get in touch to find out how we can transform your marketing content into captivating AR.


Enterprise AR/VR – proving the business case
In our latest blog, we looked at the large upside potential of AR and VR Read more