We help people understand more about products

We build solutions that transform product communication. From 3D to AR, MR and VR we continue to be thrilled by the power of an immersive, interactive digital environment, and the potential it unlocks for new value creation. Our solutions help people understand more about products, work smarter, and collaborate better to drive sales, efficiencies and direct cost savings for our clients.

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“Augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies are fundamentally changing the ways we experience products and interact with them. This will be a crucial element of Industry 4.0, transforming business processes and driving economic benefits.”

Heli Nelimarkka, Chairman

“This is the new wave of communication: about how products are communicated but also how they communicate with everything. The scalability opportunities are immense.”

John Grönholm, CEO

“Empowered by the visual, it’s all about art&design meeting science and digital merging with physical. It’s fascinating and fun – and it allows us to solve problems that no one has solved before.”

Ferhat Sen, CTO

“In the end, our solutions are helping companies to enhance their competitiveness in the global markets. With more and more use cases with measurable impact, I can see the momentum growing.“

Juuso Pihamaa, Key Account Manager

The Stereoscape Difference


End-to-end service from concept to completion – plug & play solutions



Flexible and scalable operating model based on a strong, international partner network


Leverage of clients’ existing digital assets



Multicultural, interdisciplinary team



Lean project management and agile working methods


Combined testbed and showroom with latest 3D/AR/MR/VR technologies


We are Stereoscape; a team that is bigger than its size in delivering value to our customers, because we have the best talent in the field. For business inquiries, please turn to one of our Key Account Managers. For collaboration and general inquiries, please contact our CEO.