Putting interactive 3D and XR technologies in the service of people at work

These are exciting times in the world of work. The shift from 2D to 3D and XR is transforming the way we interact, learn, communicate and work together. At Stereoscape, we are using the 3D and XR technologies to help your customers understand more about your products and your employees work smarter, learn faster and collaborate more effectively.

Smart product communication

3D and XR enable new forms of interaction between people, products and product data. You can communicate your products in entirely new ways, allowing for much richer and immersive experiences. Connected products are also communicating a growing volume of IoT data. The new technologies help make sense of the data. We call all this Smart Product Communication.

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Getting the job done

Our scalable operating model is underpinned by modular design of solutions and an international network of technology and production partners working together with our own experts. We deliver our solutions on an end-to-end basis from project kick-off to ongoing support.

Our team

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