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June 2017

Stereoscape newsletter is out!

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Our newsletter with news about our participation in VARPU–project, one of the biggest joint investments in AR and VR, is out. Other topics covered in our newsletter are our new customer case for Nokia, Daqri smart helmet and our new CEO’s thoughts on merging product communication.
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Our R&D is constantly testing new ways to better connect, work, learn, or experience with the help of new technology. The tests are done either together with our customers or they are linked to new cases. To share the experiences to wider audience we make videos of our latest tests.

Watch our latest R&D test video:

R&D tests: Mixed reality lets you teleport yourself to a virtual apartment to take a first look around without having to travel anywhere.

Watch other R&D videos.

China’s leading AR company Realmax visited Stereoscape

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Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming high-level visitors from China to Stereoscape. A delegation from the country’s leading AR company Realmax was in Finland looking for partners with good AR solutions. At our showroom the group got to see what Stereoscape team has been doing in the field lately. Our Chinese guests were particularly impressed by our excellent client base with global leaders like ABB, Nokia, Valmet, Wärtsilä etc. on board.

During the visit Stereoscape team got to test-drive some of Realmax’s products; RealSeer and RealWear. RealSeer is a lightweight device that works with mobile phone. It has a wide field of view and it could be described as cardboard for AR – just like what Google cardboard is for VR. RealWear, in turn, is an AR device that can be attached to any protection helmet.

For us at Stereoscape constantly searching for what is new and noteworthy in the business, the visit offered a good view into AR development in Asia. “In particular the RealWear seemed interesting as it has features that make it well suitable for industrial use; it is hands free, voice controlled and allows field workers to connect with experts in remote locations”, Steroscape CTO Ferhat Sen expressed the team’s views after testing the devices.

VR and AR bring business benefits – highlights of Heli Nelimarkka’s speech at 3DExpo

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Heli Nelimarkka, chair of Stereoscape’s board, was one of the speakers of 3DExpo held in Finland in May. Below is a summary of her speech focusing on the clear benefits and competitive advantage that augmented, mixed and virtual reality bring for business.

“Digitalisation and the state of VR and AR today

We already have massive amounts of IoT data. With artificial intelligence the data can be turned into knowledge. When this knowledge is – with the help of wearable technology like Daqri smart helmet or HoloLens – visualised and made available just at the right time and in the right place it opens up a whole new window of opportunity to companies.

The hype around VR and AR has been going on for some time already. However, as Gartner Hype Cycle and other recent studies indicate, VR and AR are already well on their way of becoming business as usual for companies. The sectors expected to benefit most of this new technology are manufacturing industries, BIM, and healthcare. The ones of you still in doubt, I advice to take a look at a recent PwC survey showing that companies are more and more willing to invest in AR and VR in sales, marketing, training, maintenance, customer service, or development of new business models.

New ways of working bring clear business benefits

A 3D animated digital replica of a product, created using existing CAD models, can be combined with product information and interactivity to allow several new ways of working. A product or a process can be simulated virtually even before it exists physically. A virtual showroom allows product presentations whenever wherever. With the help of collaborative VR teams can work together and be present in the same virtual space although physically located in various parts of the world. So-called digital twins – digital 3D product replicas incorporating real-time IoT data from the physical objects – offer even more exciting prospects.

Examples of VR and AR in corporate use are already numerous and so are the benefits and competitive advantage they bring along. Companies like Boeing in USA or major car manufacturers in Germany are already taking full use of it. The benefits are counted in two-digit numbers. For example, at Boeing a team using AR with a tablet was 30% faster and reached 90% better quality accuracy than the team working with traditional means. And this is just the beginning. Alongside with direct cost savings and productivity improvements the benefits from e.g. faster learning, improved collaboration, and totally new business opportunities are waiting just around the corner.

Get started now!

The AR & VR ecosystem is developing fast. That’s why my advice to you is to get started now. Begin with simple steps and simple solutions, but do begin. You need to start collecting experiences of this new technology. Because it will open a new window to a world where the digital and the real world are merged together. To a world that allows better understanding of products, easier decision-making, faster learning, improved performance, increased work safety, better collaboration, i.e. creates real competitive advantage. Not many companies can afford to have dedicated resources to keep up with the development for building AR and VR solutions. That’s why the best way to get started in this new world is to team up with a reliable partner that has the knowledge and the talent. We at Stereoscape are at your service.“

Heli Nelimarkka, Chair of the Board, Stereoscape

WAR ON TALENT, SAFETY IS KEY – insights on digitalisation of Asian industries

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Mr Pontus Siren, partner at Innosight/Huron in Singapore came to visit his old friend, our Creative Producer, Rami Salle. Once at Stereoscape he also shared his views on digitalisation of manufacturing industry in Asia with us.

Even in Asia labour is no longer an infinitive resource. On the contrary, there is a war on talent. Shortage of skilled workers has led to raising wages, posing new challenges to industry. Also safety and remote work were topics that have risen in importance in the industry in Asia. The solutions to these challenges seem familiar to us at Stereoscape: immersive training, guided maintenance, AR, VR,…

One more thing that Pontus Siren reminded us is the fact that Asian industries are very well informed of the development that is taking place in our industries. If we want to be the winners of the digitalisation of industry we should move fast. We at Stereoscape are ready – so let’s go!

Stereoscape R&D tests

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Our R&D is constantly testing new ways to better connect, work, learn, or experience with the help of new technology. The tests are done either together with our customers or they are linked to new cases. To share the experiences to wider audience we make videos of our latest tests.

Watch the following videos to see what our R&D has been up to lately:

  • R&D tests: virtual collaboration: Virtual collaboration with VR headset and HoloLens lets two people in distant locations be present in the same virtual reality and work seamlessly together.
  • R&D tests: telepresence: Telepresence lets you participate in the action although physically being elsewhere.
  • R&D tests: leap motion: Leap motion lets you control virtual reality with your bare hands without clumsy controllers.

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