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Real-world productivity through augmented reality

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Real-world productivity through AR

Augmented reality is one of PwC’s “Essential Eight” technologies (see article below). AR can help realise efficiencies in production and other operations. But getting started on AR may seem daunting: Does it really make sense? How long does it take? Is it too complex and expensive? With our German partner, RE’FLEKT, we offer two easy-to-use enterprise AR solutions that allow you to get hands-on with AR – leveraging your existing assets, starting small with affordable technology and scaling up with scalable platforms. 


AR-enabled work instructions or remote support are a good place to start

Helping people work smarter

  • Step-by-step AR instructions overlaid on the physical world – at the right time and place – help your employees feel more confident, help them do their job right the first time and speed up learning on the job.
  • AR-enabled remote support connects your employees or customers with the right support expert, who “sees what they see”, can help diagnose problems and make notes or place visuals on the shared view – in real time and from wherever. 


REFLEKT ONE for AR-enabled step-by-step instructions

The scalable REFLEKT ONE platform enables you to create AR-powered visuals and guides on smartphones, tablets and smart glasses to simplify production, training, maintenance and repair. The advanced technology leverages existing design and documentation data to transform it into interactive 2D and 3D visualisations for real-time viewing on real objects. REFLEKT ONE integrates with existing IT infrastructures and is “IoT ready”.


Get a flying start to enterprise AR

REFLEKT ONE bundles are an easy way to take the first step and start creating your own enterprise AR solutions. Depending on your needs, you can choose a Starter, Standard or Premium bundle.

Contact us to find out more.


REFLEKT REMOTE for AR-enabled remote support

With a single click, REFLEKT Remote connects technicians on site to the right support experts for real-time guidance through AR – via smartphone, tablet or smart glasses. The platform’s incident memory functionality enables you to build a database that provides technicians with access to issues already resolved to accelerate repair and maintenance. You can also brand the white label solution with your own corporate identity.

AR is one of “essential eight” technologies

PwC analysed the business impact and commercial viability of more than 250 emerging technologies and condensed their findings into theEssential Eight– the core technologies that matter most for business, across every industry, over the next three to five years. AR is one the Essential Eight. By enhancing the real world with digital data, AR is a game-changing technology that can advance digital transformation. PwC has also estimated the value VR and AR may add to the economy by 2030 and provided a separate estimate for the Finnish economy.

Investments in emerging technologies don’t have to be large to be effective. Indeed, with technologies such as VR and AR, small- and medium-sized businesses are discovering enormous upside potential for relatively low cost.

PwC, Essential Eight technologies

News & views

By | News & views (our newsletter)

Multiexperiences for 2020s

Multiexperience is one of Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020. It refers to the various devices and apps with which users interact on their digital journeys. New devices and new modes of interaction — like voice and gestures used in 3D or virtual environments — coexist with the web browser and mobile apps. Any combination of these new touchpoints can be used by customers along their journey.

At Stereoscape, we’ve used the past year to develop solutions that combine click & touch 3D with AR and/or VR experiences. We’ve already sold these solutions to some forward-looking clients: Nokia uses our solution to demonstrate a novel service concept, Swedavia takes people on a tour at the airport of the future, whilst Valmet showcases various tech upgrades in different sections of board & paper making lines. Contact us to find out more about these SMARTSCAPE XR solutions. 

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Playable 3D product catalog

Transporting physical equipment to tradeshows or other events around the world is costly and increases the carbon footprint – but customers want to see what they are actually buying. We solved this dilemma for Nokia by delivering an interactive presentation solution with an embedded 3D product catalog.

The solution showcases critical 5G hardware with the help of life-like 3D product models that are interactive or playable, as we like to say. You can zoom in and out, rotate and explore the virtual equipment from all angles. And it’s not just the nuts and bolts that are featured in the catalog, but also typical installation options, use cases and business benefits. The all-in-one solution is both updatable and extensible. Contact us to discuss these eco-friendly presentation solutions.

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Power of interactive content

86% of buyers prefer interactive content they can access on demand, as opposed to static content formats, whilst 87% of marketers say that interactive content grabs the attention more effectively than static content.

Interactivity is the driving force behind our work at Stereoscape. The visual wow is important, but ‘wow, I get it’ is the experience we want our solutions to produce. And we believe interactivity is key to achieving this.

Find out more about the benefits of interactivity in marketing & sales and read the blog series by our CEO Pekka Karimaa.

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Interactivity in B2B marketing and sales
Information architecture for effective B2B communications
Interactivity and multilayer storytelling


My passion for many years has been interactive visualization – the art of clearly communicating key concepts quickly, at the right level, with the ability to explore more deeply. The most interesting part of all that to me is enabling people to experience information in completely new ways.

Mike Pell
Envisoneer and Design Lead, Microsoft Garage

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