VR in recruitment and onboarding

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Continuing our blog series about uses of Extended Reality in a variety of corporate settings, we look at the benefits Virtual Reality can bring to companies’ recruitment and onboarding programmes.

Engage a new generation of talent

As many companies face an aging workforce, HR departments need effective ways to recruit a new generation of employees. One of the ways to engage millennial job candidates is to include immersive and experiential elements in the recruitment and onboarding processes.

A 2017 study of 18,000 professionals and students across generations X, Y and Z from 19 countries found that Gen Z was most enthusiastic about the potential of VR, and Gen Y saw VR as the technology most likely to revolutionise their work in the coming decade. The researchers suggest companies should consider VR as a tool for recruiting talent from these generations.

Many leading companies have already turned to Virtual Reality to help them recruit the brightest young talent. For example, Deutsche Bahn has a workforce nearing retirement age, and wants to appeal to younger candidates. By incorporating VR into its career fair presence, they have succeeded in getting the attention of younger applicants, increasing the volume and quality of applications from this target demographic.

VR can also help companies simply stand out from the competition at busy recruitment events. For example, the British Army saw applications increase 66% since introducing VR simulations to job fairs.

Showcase company culture and brand

Many companies opt to use VR to communicate a digitally savvy and forward-thinking company brand, but VR can also practically help showcase company culture. Virtual Reality tours of company offices and headquarters are a popular way to give potential employees a better sense of working for a company. Mirroring real-life experiences and allowing users to walk in someone else’s shoes were cited among the top benefits of XR in the workplace by respondents in a 2019 survey carried out by law firm Perkins Coie and the XR Association.

VR allows candidates to see and experience whether a job or a workplace is a good fit for them culturally, and in terms of the actual contents of the role. VR can help candidates get a better idea of a job’s requirements, thus leading to higher retention rate later on.

For example, Toyota High System uses VR tours of their headquarters at college recruitment fairs to give candidates a better sense of the company. Meanwhile AT&T recruiters use VR to let students walk through a typical day on the job, and Jet, a Walmart-owned competitor to Amazon, uses VR for office tours and employee testimonials, designed to give candidates a flavour of the company culture.

Assess skills, aptitude and behaviour

VR based simulations can be used to assess candidates’ aptitude, behaviour, skills and responses as part of broader recruitment activities. Simulation exercises allow for assessment of a candidate’s genuine response in a given situation, instead of asking about their response hypothetically, for example in a questionnaire or interview. In VR based assessment, recruiters can observe a candidate performing specific tasks, relevant to the job they are applying for.

For example, Accenture UK and Ireland have incorporated VR in their graduate recruitment programme by replacing the traditional group-based testing with individual Virtual Reality based assessment. VR based simulations allow the assessment of applicants’ core skills and responses, leading to a truer idea of an individual’s potential than say a competence questionnaire.

L’Oreal UK have aligned their graduate recruitment experience to their innovation-oriented brand. A virtual tour of the workplace and a virtual meeting scenario are available to better acquaint the candidates with the company culture, and VR tools are further used to test applicants’ responses to the workplace and to assess their personality and situational judgement.

Engage, assess and onboard with gamified VR

Combining VR and gamification can make the recruitment process more fun and attractive for younger applicants, increasing volume of applications. In assessment situations, a game element can also reduce stress and pressure, allowing candidates to perform to their best ability.

An example of successful use of gamification in recruitment comes from Jaguar, who created a free mixed reality app that allowed candidates to play demanding code-breaking games. Under the guise of fun, Jaguar was able to effectively test the curiosity, persistence, lateral thinking and problem-solving ability of candidates. The most successful candidates were fast-tracked through the recruitment process.

Elsewhere, the International Committee of the Red Cross uses gamified VR to familiarise its delegates with the dangers they face during missions. People hired as delegates typically get only two weeks of intensive onboarding training before they are sent out to the field. Gamification increases training effectiveness while lowering costs.

Improve onboarding experience

VR can add immersion and engagement to pre-existing onboarding programmes, appealing particularly to the millennial workforce. In blended models, VR can complement both traditional face-to-face methods and online onboarding, where 360 videos can be enjoyed with or without a VR headset. Multi-user VR enables effective onboarding sessions with an experienced employee guiding several new hires in a shared virtual environment.

A key benefit of VR lies in its experiential, visceral quality, resembling real-life experience more than a ‘media’ experience. The physical engagement and presence during a VR experience increases emotional responsiveness, and leads to better memory function than when using other training tools, such as videos or text-based materials. This means that VR based training will ‘stick’ faster.

The transition from onboarding to workplace learning can be a critical juncture in a new employee’s learning journey. Extended reality applications beyond VR can assist in a seamless integration between the onboarding process and on-the-job guidance to avoid learning gaps and reduce new hire turnover rate. Read more about these applications.

When to use VR for onboarding

As with any tool, there are particular situations in which Virtual Reality offers significant value added over other methods of onboarding. They are neatly captured in the acronym DICE, which stands for situations which would be Dangerous (for example, fire-fighting drills), Impossible (radiation hazards), Counterproductive (practising hostile customer service scenarios) or Expensive (due to travel, staff or machinery costs) to create in real life.

Top tips for including VR in recruitment and onboarding

• As with all technologies, VR apps need to be easy to use, intuitive and add value to the user experience. Conceptual work needs to be done carefully to reap full value of VR.

• Choose the appropriate VR content and equipment based on the number of anticipated users and length of anticipated use. Shorter content & less expensive gear works best for higher volume traffic.

• Virtual environments are useful for creating scenarios that require larger spaces than are practical to arrange for the recruitment or onboarding setting.

• When considering using VR for onboarding, remember DICE: virtual reality offers incomparable value when educating new hires on anything that in real-life would be risky, expensive or counter-productive.

Invitation to Smart Product Communication Morning

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Come learn about Smart Product Communication with Stereoscape and partners on Wednesday, 15.5.2019 at 9:00 in Herttoniemi, Helsinki

One of the key challenges for any company is to effectively communicate with its stakeholders – make complex stories easier to understand and both inform and engage customers, investors and other audiences. Smart product communication powered by augmented, mixed or virtual reality is just the tool for that. AR, MR and VR – or XR for short – are enabling entirely new ways of communicating and engaging with stakeholders.

Stereoscape together with Kreab Oy and Arilyn Oy warmly welcome you to Smart Product Communication morning. The event will be filled with expert discussions and industrial use cases, followed by demos across different XR technologies. And best of all, this is a great opportunity to meet XR specialists and enthusiasts, immerse yourself in exciting XR experiences, and find new inspiration for smart product communication.

Event schedule

8:30     Coffee & light breakfast
9:00     Warm welcome! – Juuso Pihamaa, CEO, Stereoscape
9:05     Why XR is needed in communication – Mikael Jungner, CEO, Kreab Oy
9:30     Business benefits of XR across product life cycle – Anant Shiv, Business Unit Manager, Stereoscape
9:50     Effective communication with Augmented Reality – Toni Marttila, Sales Director, Arilyn Oy
10:10   Case Study: Creating a VR Experience for Mobile World Congress – Juuso Pihamaa, Stereoscape, and Anne Vainio-Sunna, Marketing Manager, Nokia
10:40   XR demos and networking

The event ends at 11:30.

Signup for the event by sending email to info@stereoscape.com.

You can also watch a live stream of the event. When registered, you will get a link to the stream a few days before the event. You can register here.

You can find us at Sorvaajankatu 11a, in Herttoniemi Helsinki

STEREOSCAPE teams up with RE’FLEKT in enterprise AR and MR solutions

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STEREOSCAPE has signed an agreement with the Munich-based AR and MR technology company RE’FLEKT to become the company’s Advanced Business Partner for REFLEKT ONE and REFLEKT Remote platforms in Finland and Sweden.

RE’FLEKT’s groundbreaking enterprise AR and MR ecosystem consists of two powerful platforms: REFLEKT ONE for content creation and REFLEKT Remote for remote expert solutions.

  • REFLEKT ONE integrates into existing enterprise software and allows companies to easily transform their existing 2D and 3D content – such as CAD data and paper-based manuals – into step-by-step instructions, maintenance checklists and other interactive AR/MR applications for maintenance/installation/service, training/learning and operations. With cross-platform and multi-language support, automated inspection report creation, data security and other advanced features add to the compelling value proposition.
  • REFLEKT Remote is a one-button remote expert solution that utilises AR and live video to connect field service technicians and other workers – or customers – to real-time, on-demand guidance by a remote expert on smartphones, tablets or smartglasses. Online/offline annotations, group chat and incident management and memory are just some of the smart features that make the solution a powerful remote support tool. REFLEKT Remote helps reduce travel costs, expert labour requirements and customer downtime, among other business benefits.

Read the full press release

Stereoscape is CGI’s Innovations partner at Ratkaisu18 seminar

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CGI’s Ratkaisu is one of the biggest business & IT seminars in Finland gathering more than 1000 Finnish leaders and influencers.  On January 25th 2018 the one day high profile event will be arranged already for the 20th time.

Stereoscape is one of CGI’s innovation partners at Ratkaisu18. The theme of the event is sharing visions and experiences of how data and new technology can be harnessed for efficiency, change, and growth. We will be presenting the visitors of the event how digital reality – 3D, AR, MR, and VR – can be used to help in it.

Planning to attend Ratkaisu18? Come meet us at the Innovate area.

For more information on the event and its program see Ratkaisu18 –pages.

Read our Ratkaisu18 –blog (in Finnish).

SLUSH17 is over. Winter can come!

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This year’s SLUSH was waited to come long before it took place. We had a great opportunity to cooperate with Microsoft at their booth by presenting HoloLens content that we’ve created for our other clients during the past year. Jani Leskinen and Rami Salle fit HoloLenses nonstop for two days. “The visitors to the stand varied from Slush volunteers wanting to experience HoloLens to C-level executives from large corporations seeking for answers to where the world is going to. All together, we received very positive feedback for our HoloLens content”, Jani told after the busy days at Slush.

While Jani and Rami were busy creating #slushmoments together with Microsoft, Juuso Pihamaa attended the “Digitalizing Maritime Business” side event and Matti Gröhn the ”X Reality Day” side event. One of the key takeaways from both side events was emphasising the common fact that technology alone is not the answer. What counts is if you are able to create real solutions for real problems with the new technology, be it VR, AR, MR or XR.

While the meaning and abbreviations within different R’s seems to still be on the move, one thing is already clear. With them it’s possible to solve real problems for companies.

VR can take you anywhere – AR can bring anything to you!-

If you missed us at Slush come to meet us at Ratkaisu18 on 25th January to Finlandia Hall – meanwhile you can check our customer cases of SHOWSCAPE to see the some of the places we  have recently taken our customers to.

Stereoscape is hosting a Team Robotics event

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Stereoscape will be hosting a Team Robotics’ business network event on 23.11.2017 at 9-12. The event takes place in Aalto Design Factory, Betonimiehenkuja 5C in Espoo. Our Key Account Manager Jani Leskinen will also give a presentation (in Finnish) on use of AR and VR in industry.

For more information or for signing up for the event please email: eva.brchisky@nordicrobots.fi or veli-matti.heiskanen@nordicrobots.fi

The presentations in the event will be held in Finnish.

We love challenges – tell us yours at Teknologia17 Expo

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We love challenges.
In particular when we get to solve them for our clients. Like when we helped Robit in how to demonstrate the world’s largest hammer whenever wherever with the help of an AR solution. Or like when we helped ABB with how to show their Azipod propulsion system by creating a VR solution that takes the viewers underwater to see it in action.

Tell us your challenge.
Tell us where would you need AR or VR to help you solve the challenge. We promise to create AR or VR solution for three of the most interesting challenges given to us at a special Teknologia17 expo price.

Leave your challenge during the Teknologia17 expo 10.-12.10.2017 at our stand (7C165 ) in the Robosteam area or send an email to info@stereoscape.com.

Autumn application round for PoDoCo is open – we are looking for collaboration in the field of AR, VR, MR

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Autumn application round for PoDoCo, postdocs in companies, is open 15.9.-3.11.2017. Stereoscape is one of the companies looking to co-operate with a postdoc researcher. Our special interest is in the field of efficient use of multisource information in AR, VR, MR.


Read more about PoDoCo –program and how to apply.

To learn more about Stereoscape and our PoDoCo task, contact our Development Director Matti Gröhn.

Stereoscape in Japan

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Stereoscape was one of the nine Finnish AR/VR companies selected by Finpro to the MetsäExperience hackathon in Japan. Metsä is a large development project with Metsä Village, a lakeside complex of restaurants, workshops and shops and MoominvalleyPark, a themepark aimed to give the visitors live richening experiences with the Moomins.

Our Key Account Manager Jani Leskinen and Sofware Developer Jussi Korhonen participated the hackathon held in Hanno, Japan on 17. – 19.9. with a mission to innovate content for the park.

“It was great to be part of the MetsäExperience hackathon; long days, lots of innovative ideas, and a great group of hackers”, said Stereoscape’s hackers after returning from Japan.

More news coming up on Metsä and Japan, as the story continues.

We continue to grow – Presenting new team member: Victor Pardinho, Creative Producer

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Our team is again one man stronger as our new Creative Producer Victor Pardinho joined the team in September. Victor, originally from Brazil, has studied at Aalto Media Lab where he from the very beginning of his master’s studies has been involved in research and in virtual reality. For his master’s thesis Victor made, together with director Synes Elischka, a virtual reality short film.

Victor’s particular interest is in storytelling and new media; AR, VR, and MR. That is also what he has been teaching in workshops for future film and media professionals both at Aalto University and at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

At Stereoscape he gets to turn his storytelling skills into our customers’ advantage. Together with the rest of the team Victor will be dealing with questions on how to use new technologies in telling corporate customers’ product stories in a way that is both interesting and fun and that delivers the desired message in a clear and easy to understand way.

“Before coming to Finland for my master’s I worked five years in Sao Paulo and in Europe. Sometimes doing a huge project, with big budget for just a simple consumer good seemed frustrating. I’m eager to work on projects where the beef is not just about a short-lived consumer good, but about things that matter more; investments in machines and constructions that take a long time to build, that last long and that have large economical consequences. “

I search of new ways for using media and technology in storytelling Victor is also active in various art projects. His VR installations have been seen in e.g. Finnish embassy in South Korea. Victor himself has been seen VJing at Flow Festival. We at Stereoscape, in turn, are very happy to see him being part of our team.

Stereoscape collaborates with Fortum in creating AR for industry

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Heads-up and hands-free, guided maintenance and remote experts, training in real like situations but with no risk and no downtime. Cost savings stemming from fewer errors, time savings stemming from improved performance, and improved safety and faster operations resulting from more efficient learning. For industries AR promises big benefits.

However, the industrial environment also introduces its own set of challenges in developing applications that make all the promises come true. For the hardware alone there are questions relating to battery life, connectivity, field of view, safety and the overall robustness of the devices to suit the industrial environment. The software, in turn, should stand up to the requirements for industry use in regards of reliability and security. The content should be intuitive, easy to use, and easily accessible.

These are the challenges Fortum and Stereoscape are trying to tackle together when developing applications for field operators’ work and training with AR.

The co-operation is part of the VARPU project, a large project on applications of VR and AR in industry.

For more information, contact Matti Gröhn.

VARPU is a 10 million euro investment in AR/VR

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VARPU project is one of the biggest research projects in virtual and augmented reality in Europe. In VARPU the 18 industrial and research partners are seeking to alleviate the main bottlenecks in AR/VR adaption; content creation and interaction. Stereoscape is one of the company partners in VARPU, working together with the large industrial partners in AR/VR projects.

Read Aamulehti’s article about the project (in Finnish) or check the VARPU website for  more information.

Apple’s ARKit is making AR easy

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The biggest news in AR this summer was Apple’s release of ARKit; the revolutionary developer kit that lets developers build AR apps, which integrate digital experiences into the physical world via iPhone or iPad. Apple’s point-and-play AR makes it simple and easy for users to just go ahead and play with it. So simple that it is said to be killing an entire generation of AR businesses. The apps will be available for consumers with the release of iOS 11 already in September.

We at Stereoscape have been busy with ARKit during the summer. First apps are ready and waiting to be released. Do you want to see more? Come to Mainontapäivä on September 19th to see what we can do for your marketing and sales with ARKit.

Too impatient to wait untill September 19th? Check the teaser video and get in touch with Jani Leskinen to hear more already today!


We are growing – Presenting new team member: Matti Gröhn, Development Director

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Stereoscape continues to grow. Working on the forefront of new technology today a lot of our customer cases include new R&D challenges. Therefore we are strengthening our research and development team with new Development Director, Matti Gröhn.

Matti has a solid scientific background in interactive digital media, a D.Sc. (Tech.) degree from Helsinki University of Technology, and an endless intellectual curiosity. “My dissertation in 2006 was about Application of Spatial Sound Reproduction in Virtual Environments but throughout the years my research has been dealing with topics related to cognitive ergonomics, visualisation, and virtual reality. I have always been attracted to “future technology” and finding out ways to do things that were never done before.”

As Development Director in Stereoscape Matti will be in charge of the VARPU project as well as participating in our other research projects and acting as the technical support to our sales team.

Digitalisation and the development of VR, AR and MR is important for the Finnish economy and its ability to compete in the global market. “It seems to me that finally the technological development has reached the stage where it is actually possible to do the things that we talked about in research 15 years ago. That’s why I’m so excited to join the Stereoscape team that is doing exactly the right things; creating solutions for real world problems – for real companies at the core of our nation’s competitiveness. ”, says Matti who in his free time enjoys making music and biking.

We are happy to welcome Matti to the Stereoscape orchestra!

Stereoscape chosen to Microsoft’s Turbopump

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Stereoscape is one of the 18 companies selected to Turbopump accelerator program. The unique market entry program launched by Microsoft Finland is helping Finnish startups to take the next big step in growth and international expansion.

We are proud to be among the chosen companies and look forward to an intensive and rewarding program with Microsoft Finland and its partners to further accelerate our growth.

More about Turbopump and the companies chosen to the first patch of the accelerator program (in Finnish):

Kansainvälinen jättiyritys alkaa tukea suomalaisia startupeja – “lupaava alku jämähtää usein paikoilleen”, Tekniikka ja talous, 26.4.2017

18 suomalaista startupia pääsi mukaan Microsoftin kiihdytysohjelmaan – “taso oli todella kova”, Tekniikka ja talous, 1.8.2017

Stereoscape newsletter is out!

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Our newsletter with news about our participation in VARPU–project, one of the biggest joint investments in AR and VR, is out. Other topics covered in our newsletter are our new customer case for Nokia, Daqri smart helmet and our new CEO’s thoughts on merging product communication.
Didn’t get the newsletter yet? Subscribe now to read more!


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Our R&D is constantly testing new ways to better connect, work, learn, or experience with the help of new technology. The tests are done either together with our customers or they are linked to new cases. To share the experiences to wider audience we make videos of our latest tests.

Watch our latest R&D test video:

R&D tests: Mixed reality lets you teleport yourself to a virtual apartment to take a first look around without having to travel anywhere.

Watch other R&D videos.

China’s leading AR company Realmax visited Stereoscape

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Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming high-level visitors from China to Stereoscape. A delegation from the country’s leading AR company Realmax was in Finland looking for partners with good AR solutions. At our showroom the group got to see what Stereoscape team has been doing in the field lately. Our Chinese guests were particularly impressed by our excellent client base with global leaders like ABB, Nokia, Valmet, Wärtsilä etc. on board.

During the visit Stereoscape team got to test-drive some of Realmax’s products; RealSeer and RealWear. RealSeer is a lightweight device that works with mobile phone. It has a wide field of view and it could be described as cardboard for AR – just like what Google cardboard is for VR. RealWear, in turn, is an AR device that can be attached to any protection helmet.

For us at Stereoscape constantly searching for what is new and noteworthy in the business, the visit offered a good view into AR development in Asia. “In particular the RealWear seemed interesting as it has features that make it well suitable for industrial use; it is hands free, voice controlled and allows field workers to connect with experts in remote locations”, Steroscape CTO Ferhat Sen expressed the team’s views after testing the devices.

WAR ON TALENT, SAFETY IS KEY – insights on digitalisation of Asian industries

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Mr Pontus Siren, partner at Innosight/Huron in Singapore came to visit his old friend, our Creative Producer, Rami Salle. Once at Stereoscape he also shared his views on digitalisation of manufacturing industry in Asia with us.

Even in Asia labour is no longer an infinitive resource. On the contrary, there is a war on talent. Shortage of skilled workers has led to raising wages, posing new challenges to industry. Also safety and remote work were topics that have risen in importance in the industry in Asia. The solutions to these challenges seem familiar to us at Stereoscape: immersive training, guided maintenance, AR, VR,…

One more thing that Pontus Siren reminded us is the fact that Asian industries are very well informed of the development that is taking place in our industries. If we want to be the winners of the digitalisation of industry we should move fast. We at Stereoscape are ready – so let’s go!

Stereoscape R&D tests

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Our R&D is constantly testing new ways to better connect, work, learn, or experience with the help of new technology. The tests are done either together with our customers or they are linked to new cases. To share the experiences to wider audience we make videos of our latest tests.

Watch the following videos to see what our R&D has been up to lately:

  • R&D tests: virtual collaboration: Virtual collaboration with VR headset and HoloLens lets two people in distant locations be present in the same virtual reality and work seamlessly together.
  • R&D tests: telepresence: Telepresence lets you participate in the action although physically being elsewhere.
  • R&D tests: leap motion: Leap motion lets you control virtual reality with your bare hands without clumsy controllers.

Stereoscape at Arrow IoT Summit

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Stereoscape presented a wide range of the latest 3D, AR, VR, MR technologies at this year’s Arrow IoT Summit. Our stand, hosted by a strong representation of the Stereoscape team was a good opportunity for the high level audience of the summit to experience the opportunities of the new technologies; HoloLens, Daqri smart helmet, mobile AR solutions, holograms, transparent screens, and of course a live demo of the new Stereoscape interactive Smartscape solution. For many of the visitors this was an eye opening occasion to get such a broad overview of what smart product communication is all about.

Did you miss the Arrow IoT Summit this year? No worries, book a visit to our showroom to experience all of the above – and a bit more.

Stereoscape showroom – in a league of its own

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In presenting devices, tools and cases for smart product communication the Stereoscape showroom is in a league of its own in Finland. The showroom – located in connection to our office – exhibits a wealth of coolest content and latest innovative displays for:

  • Interactive and visual storytelling
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web applications based on HTML5
  • Mobile and touch
  • Stunning 3D animations

If you want to know what smart product communication is all about, we’ll show you for example how data from CAD models is transformed to visually stunning interactive product presentations. We also have Hololens and DAQRI smart helmet for you to test; experiencing VR and AR is the only way to understand their potential!

Book your visit or give us a call to see how your products could be communicated the way they deserve!


Let’s meet!

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During the month of May Stereoscape team will again be present at several events and exhibitions around Finland.

We would be happy to meet you at any of the following events:


5.5. Jani Leskinen will be present at X Reality Day of Arctic Startup15 at Cable Factory, Helsinki –

9.5. Come and test DAQRI SMART HELMET with Jani Leskinen at VR/AR Hämeenlinna -event at Verkatehdas, Kehräämö, Hämeenlinna

18.5. Come and meet the entire team at Arrow IoT Summit, at Cumulus Resort Airport Congress Center, Vantaa

19.5. Heli Nelimarkka will be one of the speakers of Nordic 3D Expo, at, Energia Areena, Vantaa

30.-31.5. Jani Leskinen will host the Stereoscape booth at Manufacturing Performance Days 2017, at Tampere Hall, Tampere, Finland


Please contact us to book a meeting in advance to any of the events above!

JOIN OUR TEAM – Unity Developer

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In Stereoscape we build solutions that transform product communication. From 3D to AR, MR and VR we continue to be thrilled by the power of an immersive, interactive digital environment, and the potential it unlocks for new value creation. Our solutions help people understand more about products, work smarter, and collaborate better to drive sales, efficiencies and direct cost savings for our clients.

We are now seeking a Helsinki-based Unity Developer.

As a Unity developer, you will be able to work on technical aspects of client projects, cooperate with other members of our team to ensure a seamless implementation and delivery of projects. The ideal candidate will need to be flexible and able to apply their skills to work on a wide variety of projects. A quick learner, with excellent problem-solving abilities, you must be able to keep up with the ever-changing software and technology landscape and be at the forefront of the latest innovations.


Required Skills:

  • Experience in using Unity3D to build interactive applications or games
  • Good command of C# scripting for Unity
  • Understanding in 3D modelling and animation for real-time render

Advantageous Skills:

  • Experience in using Unity for multiple platforms (Desktop, iOS, Android)
  • Experience with Virtual Reality (HTC Vive, Oculus, Gear VR, Cardboard )
  • Experience with Augmented Reality (Mobile AR, HoloLens)
  • Ability to learn any new required software / device / API / language on the job


We offer:
At Stereoscape, you will work in an internationally oriented organisation. You will have a chance to work at the cutting-edge of VR, AR, and interactive 3D visualisation with a team of enthusiasts.

If you would like to know more, please contact or send your application to jobs@stereoscape.com. We will review applications continuously and encourage you to apply as soon as possible.


Our office is located at Sorvaajankatu 11A, 00880 Helsinki.

“I want to be part of Arlanda” – Stereoscape’s design sprint workshop in Arlanda

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Stereoscape’s Key Account Manager Jani Leskinen and Producer Rami Salle recently spent a day in Arlanda, Sweden. Commissioned by Swedavia, the Swedish state owned company owning, operating, and developing airports in Sweden, Jani and Rami were leading a one-day design sprint workshop. The mission of the workshop was to define ways to make future development of Arlanda area interesting and visible in a showroom.

Arlanda area will undergo massive development in the coming decades. How to make visible the long-term development that can only be seen after a long time, e.g. how will the area look like in 2020, 2030 or 2050? And yet, how to show the pulse of something new and big happening every day? Together with the participants Jani and Rami were looking into different solutions on how to show it and wow! it to different kinds of visitors. And solutions they found. Good data visualisation can show the everyday happenings in an interesting way. Augmented reality, in turn, can make the long-term development feel and look real in the current environment not just on paper.

“I want to be part of Arlanda”, was defined as the slogan for the showroom. We are looking forward to seeing the slogan come true in a showroom that makes everybody part of the development by making the future of Arlanda visible.

Interested in hearing more about design sprint workshops? Contact us or read more about our design sprint workshops.

Stereoscape partners with VROOM virtual reality training toolkit

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VROOM is an award-winning virtual reality training toolkit. It is an easy to use icon-based visual flow programming toolkit that takes advantage of the customers existing CAD data.

“VROOM is an excellent add-on to our offerings in virtual reality. It is a ready toolkit that is easy to use and works with any platform. We see great potential in the use of virtual reality in training and we are happy to be able to introduce VROOM to our customers. In fact, we already have projects ongoing with two of our major customers using VROOM”, says Ferhat Sen,CTO of Stereoscape.

Take a look at the VROOM video explaining how easy it is to build immersive training programs.

Want to hear more about VROOM and virtual reality training?

Ferhat Sen, CTO,
+358 (0)40 162 7655

VR-in-a-Box - a full virtual reality set-up quick and easy

VR-in-a-Box – a full virtual reality set-up quick and easy

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During this fall the interest in VR solutions has skyrocketed and our team has been busy with VR demos in trade shows and events around Finland. For quick and easy take-offs our Technical Specialist Petteri Bondsdorff developed a portable VR-in-a-Box –solution.

VR-in-a-Box allows a quick and easy set-up for virtual reality experiences whenever, wherever. Everything needed to create an immersive VR experience (laptop, cables, batteries, headsets, and controllers) comes neatly packed in just one single heavy-duty box. Picking up the equipment one by one and setting it up goes fast and is simple enough so no specific technical expertise is required from the person doing it.

Originally created for Stereoscape’s internal use the VR-in-a-Box is also an ideal solution for companies and events wishing offer immersive virtual reality experiences. The VR content can be our ready-made content or customized with company logos, locations etc.

Want to hear more? Contact

Antti Granqvist

Creative Digitalist


+358 (0)41 524 1282


VR-in-a-Box – a full virtual reality set-up quick and easy

Jani Leskinen, Key Account Manager

Presenting team member Jani Leskinen, Stereoscape’s new Key Account Manager

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We have a new team member, Key Account Manager Jani Leskinen who joined Streoscape’s team in November. Jani has extensive experience in various sales positions and over 10 years of experience in event marketing. Over the years he has been responsible for big accounts such as Vacon, Outokumpu, Orion Pharma, Kemppi etc. He has profound expertise in augmented reality and he has worked with the leading companies in the field to create fascinating events for his customers. Apart from helping his customers to build virtual worlds in events and tradeshows, Jani also likes to build “real” worlds; he is a Lego enthusiast who builds life size Lego sculptures and worlds.

Jani brings to Stereoscape his long term expertise in the field along with his enthusiasm in using the technology to make the impossible possible:  “I’m very excited about the change that we are about to see; virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality – it’s like magic. I want to be part of making it happen and I think Stereoscape is the right place to do it.

We are happy to have him on board.

Stereoscape collaborated with Valmet in a mixed reality demo

Stereoscape collaborated with Valmet in a mixed reality demo

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Stereoscape participated in “Kampusklubi” VR -event in Tampere on October 14th. The event was probably the biggest of it’s kind in Finland with 30 Finnish companies presenting their VR solutions and demos.

The popular VR -event drew large public and media attendance. The demo that drew the most attention was a mixed reality solution presented by Valmet presenting their latest achievements in bringing together the Internet of Things and virtual reality with HTC Vive head-mounted displays and mixed reality solution with Microsoft HoloLenses. The demo where a VR model of a boiler was combined with data streams from existing systems was created in collaboration with Stereoscape.

Stereoscape provided Valmet with technology consultancy, virtual reality software and software development support using Vizard VR development platform from our partner WorldViz.

Mixed reality that blends real world objects with digital content, interactively, and in real time holds huge potential for companies. The strong interest directed to Valmet’s demo is yet another proof of the potential that lies in mixed reality solutions, solutions that combine the best aspects of both augmented reality and virtual reality.

A more detailed description of our collaboration with Valmet in this groundbreaking demo will be published later on our web-page.

Collaborative VR

Collaborative VR

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A new way of being present in the same reality – virtually. 

Check out our new collaborative VR demo.

Imagine working together side by side with you colleague, without even being on the same continent. Or having the best industry expert guide you through a difficult assembly from the other side of the world. Or having a guided walk-trough of a site, apartment, factory etc. with you in one place, your guide in another and the virtual site in a third location.

With the help of collaborative virtual reality all this is now possible.

See Stereoscape’s Creative Digitalist Antti Granqvist and CTO Ferhat Sen demonstrate this entirely new way of collaborating: Ferhat on the right and Antti on the left, both wearing VR headsets and working together without physically being in the same place; Antti using projection VR and being guided in assembly work by Ferhat wearing a VR headset; or the two of them having a walk-through of an apartment.

The demo was done in collaboration with our partner WorldViz, the industry leader in interactive virtual reality solutions for professional applications.

Want to know more?

Check our Toolbox for WorldViz virtual reality solutions.

Read more about WorldViz’s Keith Russel’s thoughts about collaborative VR in our blog, or

book a demo at our showroom.

VR and Stereoscape to be featured on Radio Aalto

VR and Stereoscape to be featured on Radio Aalto

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Radio Aalto visited Stereoscape’s showroom on Tuesday 27.9. Radio Aalto’s Joonas Vuorela got so carried away testing our exciting VR demos, that he – quoting his own words – “never wants to go back home”. He also had a chat with our Creative Digitalist Antti Granqvist to hear more about VR and how and where it can be used in professional use.

See the whole interview (in Finnish) at Radio Aalto.

Stereoscape at Nordic Digital Business Summit on 2016

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Virtual reality is a digital environment that creates a strong sense of immersion. The recent interest in virtual reality has been more about technology and new product launches for consumer use. However, the use of virtual reality goes well beyond gaming and entertainment. The use cases for virtual reality in professional use range from marketing and sales to training, design, research and many other applications across industries. With virtual reality solutions, companies can design, test, develop, and train complex engineering and other structures even before they exist. VR solutions are now available for companies of any size and industry.

Our partner WorldViz is the industry leader for virtual reality solutions for professional applications. Our team are also experts in using Unity for creating customer applications,” says Heli Nelimarkka, CEO of Stereoscape. “The versatile competences in our virtual reality team, together with our strong partner network, make us a good companion for companies wanting to explore the numerous possibilities and benefits of virtual reality.”

Stereoscape demonstrates the possibilities of virtual reality at Nordic Digital Business Summit with partner solutions and HTC Vive equipment.

For more information contact:

Heli Nelimarkka, CEO


+358 (0)45 671 4474

About Stereoscape:

Stereoscape delivers end-to-end solutions for high-impact digital product communication.

The interactive and visually powerful 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality solutions drive compelling product experiences and save time, space and money by replacing physical with virtual. www.stereoscape.com

Download press release.

Stereoscape on the road – come and meet us

Stereoscape on the road – come and meet us!

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During the coming months Stereoscape team will be present at several events and exhibitions. Please come and meet us!

We hope to see you at:

21.9. Challenge Finland All Stars at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki Finland

22.9. Nordic Digital Business Summit at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki Finland

4.-5.10. 3D Step at Tampere Hall Congress and Concert Centre, Tampere Finland

14.10. VR aamupäivä Kampusareenalla at Tampere University of Technology, Tampere  Finland

14.10. Visumo 360 at Tampere University, Tampere Finland

17.-19.10. Mindtrek 2016 at Tampere Hall Congress and Concert Centre, Tampere Finland

26.10. Slush Dive at Korjaamo, Helsinki Finland

30.11. -1.12. Slush at Helsinki Convention and Exhibition Center, Helsinki Finland

Please contact us to book a meeting in advance to any of the events above!


Presenting new team member Ferhat Sen, Stereoscape’s new CTO

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Steroscape’s new CTO Ferhat Sen joined the team in August 2016. Ferhat brings to Stereoscape team his extensive experience in design and technology, digital content production, augmented reality and virtual reality. At Stereoscape, he will be in charge of developing the interactive 3D, AR and VR technologies and solutions as well as strengthening the company’s technology partner network. Ferhat also leads the R&D at Stereoscape.

Ferhat holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Visual Communication Design. He has also studied directing at UCLA and worked as video editor, UX designer, technical advisor and director in Turkey, Finland and the USA. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation in New Media at Aalto University Media Lab.


Virtual reality experiences

Virtual reality and Stereoscape featured in The Outcome -magazine

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Future Group, the Nordic distributor of Autodesk products, is presenting Steroscape and virtual reality in it’s latest issue of the Outcome magazine. The webmagazine for Future Group’s customers and distributors published in June articles presenting the opportunities of VR for industry use. Another article presented Stereoscape’s virtual solutions.

Read the article about virtual reality in The Outcome.

Read the article about Stereoscape in the Outcome.

Autodeskin –ohjelmistojen pohjoismaiden maahantuoja Future Group julkaisi kesällä sidosryhmilleen suunnatussa The Outcome –verkkolehdessä artikkelit Stereoscapesta sekä virtuaalitodellisuuden lisäarvosta teollisuudelle. Molemmat artikkelit julkaistiin myös suomeksi.

Lue artikkeli virtuaalitodellisuuden lisäarvosta The Outcome –verkkolehdestä.

Lue artikkeli Stereoscapesta The Outcome –verkkolehdestä.



Planar LookThru Transparent OLED Display

Interactive transparent OLED display added to Stereoscape showroom

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We continue to update our showroom with the latest interactive visualisation technologies. Planar® LookThru™ Transparent OLED display represents the state of the art in transparent displays from a pioneer in the industry. OLED technology makes it possible to create truly see-through installations, and with integrated multitouch interactivity, you can connect and communicate with your audience in entirely new and powerful ways.

Transparent displays allow you to digitally augment the real world to create compelling experiences that blur the lines between the digital and physical. Your audience can watch dynamic digital content on a transparent glass screen, while being able to see real-world scenes and objects behind the display. With the real world as a canvas for your digital content, you can showcase products, share information, tell brand and other stories and drive engagement like never before.

Book a visit to our showroom to test drive the innovative Planar technology and discuss the wide-ranging opportunities of interactive visualisation on the revolutionary transparent display.

Stereoscape is an expert in connecting the physical and digital in visually impressive, interactive experiences that engage, inform and allow you to communicate powerful product and brand stories. We deliver our solutions on a turnkey basis from concept to completion.

WorldViz’s VR technology scales up

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WorldViz, the world leader in innovative enterprise-level VR solutions, has introduced Unity and Unreal Engine support for its “warehouse-scale” precision position tracking (PPT) system. The release brings the cutting-edge tracking technology to any VR headset supported by these games engines – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, and also the recently announced Google Daydream VR platform.

WorldViz’s PPT technology can track up to 10 users or objects simultaneously in an area larger than 50 x 50 meters with real-time, sub-millimetre accuracy, allowing people to walk around in a lifelike virtual reality environment.

The hybrid optical-inertial PPT system includes high-precision cameras that capture position data at 240Hz; lightweight sensors that can be affixed to VR headsets or objects such as robots; a hand-held sensor “wand” for tracking hands; and a standalone software package. The system works with both projection-based systems and headset-based VR and is ideal for applications that require high degrees of precision and accuracy, movement, collaboration and co-presence, such as such as large-scale product design reviews, architectural and real-estate walk-throughs, and research and training applications.

The new Unity and Unreal Engine plugins will open up a whole new range of opportunities for VR content development for enterprise and entertainment applications as well as academic research – providing free-roaming VR experiences, where people can freely explore immersive virtual worlds.

Read more at http://www.worldviz.com/motion-tracking-unreal-and-unity-integrations/
or watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f0W61N9NS4

As an authorised reseller of WorldViz VR solutions in the EU, Stereoscape is happy to tell you more about the state-of-the-art WorldViz technology.

Contact us at: info@stereoscape.com or +358 207 419 950

Digitalisaatio on muotikaupan mahdollisuus

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Vielä pari vuotta sitten talouslehtien jutut lupasivat perinteiselle kivijalkakaupalle kylmää kyytiä. Erityisesti muotiliikkeiden pelättiin jäävän vain showroomeiksi ja sovituskopeiksi mobiiliostamiseen tottuneille ”milleniaaleille”. Nyt samat perinteisten myymälöiden tuhoa ennustaneet lehdet kertovat uutisia kivijalkamyymälöiden uudesta tulemisesta. Jopa verkkokaupan jättiläiset Amazon ja eBay ovat avanneet omat kivijalkamyymälänsä.

Muotikaupassa monet merkit ovat yllättäen satsanneet näyttäviin uusiin myymälöihin, joissa elämyksellisyyttä luodaan uusilla digitaalisilla keinoilla ja joissa fyysisen myymälän ja verkkokaupan rajat sekoittuvat. Kivijalkakaupan pelastukseksi näyttäisikin nousevan sama, mikä vielä muutama vuosi sitten oli sen suurin mörkö, digitaalisuus.

Elämyksellisyys kaiken keskiössä

Eräänlainen lähtölaukaus kehitykselle oli Burberryn lippulaivamyymälän avaaminen Lontoossa 2012. Sittemmin mielenkiintoisista uusista digitaalisuutta hyödyntävistä myymäläkonsepteista on kuultu monilta muilta huippumerkeiltä: Rebecca Minkoff, Alexander McQueen, Hugo Boss, Adidas sekä TopShop. Myymälätilan digitalisoitumisen myötä myös raja verkkokaupan ja fyysisen myymälän välillä hämärtyy. Digitalisaatio on muotikaupan mahdollisuus Vielä pari vuotta sitten talouslehtien jutut lupasivat perinteiselle kivijalkakaupalle kylmää kyytiä. erityisesti muotiliikkeiden pelättiin jäävän vain showroomeiksi ja sovituskopeiksi mobiiliostamiseen tottuneille ”milleniaaleille”. nyt samat perinteisten myymälöiden tuhoa ennustaneet lehdet kertovat uutisia kivijalkamyymälöiden uudesta tulemisesta. Jopa verkkokaupan jättiläiset Amazon ja eBay ovat avanneet omat kivijalkamyymälänsä. Digipeili näyttää mainosviestit tyylikkäästi ja myymälän ilmeen mukaisesti.

Suomalainen interaktiivisiin 3D-visualisointiratkaisuihin erikoistunut Stereoscape Oy on seurannut digitalisaatiokehitystä muotikaupassa jo pitkään. Yhtiön toimitusjohtaja Heli Nelimarkka kertoo, että erityisesti erilaiset interaktiiviset digitaaliset ratkaisut tuovat uusia mahdollisuuksia perinteiseen myymälätilaan. Vierailtuaan maaliskuussa Retail Design Expossa Lontoossa Nelimarkka on entistä vakuuttuneempi kehityksestä: ”Myymälöiden elämyksellisyyteen satsataan nyt paljon. Myymälätilat digitalisoituvat näyttävästi ja isosti; suuria näyttöjä, interaktiivisia ikkunoita, digitaalisia peilejä, upeita projisointeja. Muotikauppa on nyt elämyksellistä ja digitaalista kaikissa kanavissa. ”

Kerro kerro kuvastin, digipeili kertoo enemmän

Erilaisten näyttötekniikoiden kehittyminen on tuonut uusia ulottuvuuksia myymälätilan sisustuksen digitalisointiin. Yksi esimerkki tästä on digitaalinen peili. ”Digipeilihän on oikeasti vain peilipintainen näyttö”, kertoo Channel Sales Manager Charlotta Heiskanen Stereoscapesta. Digipeili kertoo sekä ostajalle että myyjälle enemmän. Peilinäyttöön on mahdollista saada lisätietoja vaikkapa asiakkaan sovittamasta vaatteesta; mitä kokoja, värejä tai muita yhteensopivia tuotteita liikkeestä löytyy. Myyjälle digitaaliset älypeilit mahdollistavat asiakkaiden mieltymysten tarkan analyysin; mitä tuotteita sovitetaan eniten ja jääkö jokin tietty tuote, väri tai koko muita useammin sovituksen jälkeen sittenkin ostamatta. Liiketunnistinta hyödyntämällä peili voi myös reagoida lähestyvään asiakkaaseen; näyttää tervehdyksen, ohjata tiettyyn pisteeseen myymälässä, näyttää lisätietoa tuotteesta tai kampanjasta. “Käytännössä vain mielikuvitus on rajana sille mitä sisältöjä peiliin voidaan tuoda. Kosketusnäyttöä en ehkä kuitenkaan peiliin asentaisi; ylimääräisiä kämmenenkuvia tuskin kukaan jatkuvasti haluaa peilistä pestä”, naurahtaa Heiskanen.

Ikkunaostoksilla interaktiivisesti

Digitaalisuuden hyödyntämisen vähittäiskaupassa ei tarvitse jäädä vain myymälän sisätiloihin. Interaktiiviset näyteikkunat mahdollistavat tuotetietojen selaamisen ikkunasta kaikkina vuorokauden aikoina. Interaktiivisen ikkunan kautta voi tuotteet jopa ostaa. Esimerkiksi amerikkalaismerkki Kate Spade lanseerasi Saturday-brändinsä New Yorkissa pop-up -konseptilla, jossa koko myymälä oli yhtä kuin interaktiivinen, ostamisen mahdollistava, näyteikkuna. Suomessa ei vielä muotikaupassa ole juurikaan interaktiivisia näyteikkunoita nähty, mutta konsepti yleistyy varmasti täälläkin uskoo Charlotta Heiskanen. ”Vaikka ikkunaan ei aina ostomahdollisuutta tuotaisikaan, mahdollistaa interaktiivinen ikkuna vaikkapa liikkeen koko tarjooman esittelyn 24/7. Ei kai hyvää sijaintia ja kallista kauppapaikkaa kannata aukioloaikojen ulkopuolella jättää vain muutaman tuotteen esittelyyn.”

Ammattiostajia unohtamatta

Myös ammattiostajien ostokokemuksella on väliä ja digielämykset tekevät tuloaan myös vaatebrändien näyttelytiloihin. Tommy Hilfiger avasi viime vuonna Amsterdamissa digitaalisen showroomin. Sen keskiössä on suuri kosketusnäyttöpöytä, joka toimii yhdessä neljä metriä korkean videoseinän kanssa. Konsepti on tarkoitus monistaa muille markkina-alueille ja sen sanotaan mullistavan ammattiostajien ostokokemuksen.

“Digikuva” luo elämyksiä

Yhdeksi kuluvan vuoden suurista trendeistä vähittäiskaupassa on nimetty nk. ”digikiva” (”Fun-Tech”) eli teknologian hyödyntäminen asiakkaiden viihtymisen ja elämysten luojana. Upeimpia esimerkkejä tästä on Lontoon Harroldsin ikkunaan viime vuoden pääsiäiseksi totutettu Fabergé 3D-projisointi: valoshow, taideinstallaatio ja huikea mainos. Projisointitekniikka mahdollistaa paitsi näyttävät wowelämykset, myös pienemmät toteutukset, joissa tekniikan keinoin parannetaan asiakkaan ostokokemusta. ”Mitä jos liikkeessä nostat esillä olevan kengän, ja saman tien tasolle, jossa kenkä oli, projisoituukin lisätietoja? Tai mitä jos näyteikkunassa yhteen ja samaan valkoiseen kankaaseen voidaan projisoida malliston kaikki erilaiset kuosit, elävästi ja elämyksellisesti? 3D-projisoinnilla tämä kaikki on mahdollista.” kertoo Creative Digitalist Antti Granqvist Stereoscapelta. Omanlaistaan digikivaa on myös keinotodellisuuden hyödyntäminen. Muun muassa Balenciaga, Rebecca Minkoff ja Topshop,ovat tarjonneet asiakkailleen mahdollisuuden elää muotinäytös todeksi virtuaalitodellisuudessa. Kukapa ei haluaisi kokea Pariisin muotinäytöstä eturivistä, vaikka oikeasti istuisikin helsinkiläisessä myymälässä, virtuaalilasit päässä? Wow-elämys on taattu ja asiakkaalle annettu yksi syy lisää astua myymälään.

Katso esimerkkejä huikeista digitaalisista ratkaisuista muotikaupoissa blogistamme. 

Lue myös interaktiivisista ratkaisuistamme täältä tai ota yhteyttä ja kysy lisää:

Charlotta Heiskanen, Channel Sales Manager
+358 40 642 8601, charlotta@stereoscape.com

Virtual tour of cleantech companies during Rio Olympics

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In collaboration with Cleantech Finland, Stereoscape brings together Cleantech Finland´s member company presentations on a multimedia, multitouch wall. The multimedia screen is a new way for Cleantech Finland to present its members in an interactive experience and increase visibility at events both in Finland and abroad. After being showcased at Vaasa Energy Week, the multitouch installation will engage visitors at the Finland House in Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Summer Olympics. The Finland House will for the first time serve as a meeting point for business events and visitors at the Olympics. The venue is a stylish neoclassical building – a perfect place for a high-class digital attraction.

The 4 meter wide and 1.5 meter high multitouch video wall enables multiple persons to use the screen simultaneously and brands to tell their stories on multiple levels. From the screen view, it is possible to navigate through different industries to the presentation material of a specific company. The multimedia experience takes the audience on a tour of Finnish talent in the cleantech industry, whilst giving an opportunity to drill down into detailed information on a product level. For smaller and larger Finnish cleantech companies, it is a unique opportunity to present visually compelling, interactive product stories and get noticed in the hectic event environment!

More about Stereoscape’s interactive product storytelling solutions: https://www.stereoscape.com/work/

More about Finland House in Rio Olympics: http://www.cleantechfinland.com/-/join-finnish-olympic-team-and-cleantech-finland-at-finland-house-at-rio-olympics

Meet Stereoscape at vIRtuaL2016 on May 26th

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Come meet Stereoscape at vIRtuaL2016 and hear about the latest trends in the field of virtual and augmented reality. At the venue our Experience Strategist Jukka Vaittinen will give insights in virtual reality solutions and how they can be utilised in solving problems across a wide range of industries. The venue takes place at Innopoli 2 in Espoo on May 26th.


vIRtuaL2016 is a cutting edge business event, live for first time in Finland. The event brings together players in the fields of virtual and augmented reality and companies interested in these technologies.

Check out the venue site:

Contact us to book a virtual reality demo time: info@stereoscape.com

How to register?

Registration to free-of-charge live stream & on-line matchmaking platform is open so join us on-line or in real life in Finland!

Register here :

Contact us to get 15% off tickets to the venue: info@stereoscape.com

Where & When?

Thursday, May 26th, 2016 (week 21)

Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14, Espoo, Finland

See you at vIRtuaL2016!

Welcome to first Nordic 3D Expo Fair

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The Nordic 3D Expo presents 3D professionals, service providers as well as 3D enthusiasts. Come meet us on our stand, A3.

For professionals (free)

Friday 15th of April 9:00 am – 18:00 pm

For general public (10 €)

Saturday 16th of April 9:00 am – 18:00 pm


Energia Areena, Rajatorpantie 23, 01600 Vantaa

Tervetuloa vieraaksemme NORDIC 3D EXPO -messuille perjantaina 15.4.2016 Vantaan Energia Areenalle!

Tietoisku puheenvuorossaan Jukka Vaittinen avaa näkökulmia 3D-visualisoinneista teollisuuden tuotemarkkinoinnissa. Lisäksi yhteistyökumppanimme WorldViz:n Keith Russell puhuu virtuaalitodellisuuden kaupallisesta hyötykäytöstä tänään.

Tule myös vierailemaan osastollamme A3, niin vaihdetaan ajatuksia.

Rekisteröidy vieraaksemme osoitteessa: liput.3dexpo.fi

Ammattitapahtuma perjantaina 15.4.2016 klo 9.00 – 18.00

Maksullinen yleisötapahtuma lauantaina 16.4.2016 klo 9.00 – 18.00

Stereoscape Presented Virtual Reality’s Business Opportunities in Seinäjoki

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On Thursday 31st of March Seinäjoki in Western Finland was the meeting point for companies, students and researches interested in virtual reality. “Virtuaalitodellisuus nyt” (Finnish for “Virtual Reality Now”) seminar and mini exhibition arranged by SeAMK (Seinäjoki College for Applied Sciences) gathered a good number of audience interested in seeing and learning more about where virtual reality is today and what it can be used for. The seminar served a good mix of presentations from pioneering companies in virtual reality while the mini exhibition allowed visitors a real-life taste of how virtual reality is used in different fields; from comics and gaming to marketing and design, from construction and architecture to real estate or research and education.

One of the speakers at the seminar was Juuso Pihamaa from Stereoscape. In his presentation Juuso concentrated rather on pointing out the benefits and competitive advantage companies have reached using virtual reality rather than just showcasing different solutions. Sharing examples and experiences from world’s leading companies like Ford or Rolls Royce Juuso showed how companies have managed to create real competitive advantage and considerable cost savings by using virtual reality in, for example, R&D and production. Using virtual reality in marketing can be a good way to lower the threshold for getting familiar with virtual reality, said Juuso. The results from marketing might not always be that easily quantifiable but it can deliver results none the less. From this Juuso told an example from Stereoscape’s own case, a virtual reality solution delivered to Neste earlier this year. At the exhibition where it was used people queued at the Neste stand to try it out and then left the stand with a smile on their faces.

In Seinäjoki Stereoscape also had a stand at the mini exhibition where Antti Granqvist demonstrated two different solutions. One was the solution created by Stereoscape for Neste where the visitors got the opportunity to travel into an engine of a car together with Neste’s renewable diesel. The other, “Walk the plank” created by WorldViz – one of Stereoscape’s partners – took the visitors for a virtual trapeze walk. Although quite many of the visitors already had some previous experience of virtual reality, a comment that Antti heard often during the day was:

“Wow, I did’t know you could create a feeling that is this real!”

All together the event in Seinäjoki was a positive experience. It demonstrated that there is a lot of potential in virtual reality and that the interest for its commercial use is increasing.

The presentations from the seminar can be watched on Youtube – Juuso’s presentation (in Finnish) starts at ca 51 min.

Virtual reality expands the dimensions of marketing

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Stereoscape is featured in a two-page article in Markkinointi & Mainonta, which is the foremost marketing magazine in Finland. M&M’s reporter Mari Karjalainen visited our showroom and test drove our virtual reality solutions, to experience the ease, simplicity and effectiveness of Stereoscape’s virtual product demonstration tools – encountering everything from industrial design, to training, to the infamous Stereoscape ‘leap of faith’.

In the article, Karjalainen chats with our very own Jukka Vaittinen about all things virtual reality: storytelling, immersion, the holodeck and walking through a closed door ‘like in The Matrix.’

Click here to read the article (in Finnish).

On-the-go VR – New solutions for seated & standing virtual reality

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Our virtual reality offering expands with new systems for seated & standing VR from our partner WorldViz. The latest extensions to the VizMove product line are also available as portable options. You can now take your VR case along to a sales meeting or trade show and immerse your clients in a stunning virtual world showcasing your brand and products. The custom-built VR cases lend themselves well to both domestic and international travel.

WorldViz is the world leader in innovative enterprise-level VR solutions. The company is funded by Intel Capital and was recently selected among the 13 most interesting VR companies in the world.

Stereoscape represents WorldViz in the Nordic countries. With our wide VR capabilities and integration expertise, we take care of your entire VR project. Book your VIP demo in our showroom to get inspired and to find out how you can best benefit from VR in your business.

Find out more and download brochures.

Stereoscape is going to Dubai

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Stereoscape continues its partnership with Flux LDN – an innovation lounge in London for emerging interactive technologies. FLUX LDN is opening up a new innovation lounge FLUX ME in Dubai where Stereoscape’s “intelligent shelf” RFID iScape will be present. RFID iScape turns physical products – cosmetics, clothing, toys, packaged foods etc. – into interactive product stories with the help of RFID tags attached to the products.

See here a sneak peek of the FLUX ME innovation lounge:

Markkinointiviestinnän viikko 22-23th September

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Stereoscape´s CEO, Jukka Vaittinen and Digital Marketing Manager, Saana Häkkinen will be speaking on 22-23th September in Markkinointiviestinnän viikko about virtual reality and smart retail. In Jukka´s speech will be concentrated on virtual reality and its benefits and possibilities for companies. While, Saana will talk about smart technologies at point of retail experiences.


Stereoscape´s Virtual Reality day – 5 August 2015

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Stereoscape organised a virtual reality day at our showroom on the 5th of August in co-operation with the virtual reality expert WorldViz. At the event visitors could experience a new kind of immersive, wide-area, virtual reality experience. Here at Stereoscape we have partnered with the international virtual reality expert WorldViz in order to bring turnkey virtual reality solutions to Finland and the other Nordic countries. WorldViz is the industry leader in turnkey interactive visualisation and simulation solutions, providing world-leading virtual reality expertise and unparalleled immersive visualisation experiences.

“The business value of virtual reality is enormous and it creates new possibilities and benefits for product development, design reviews, maintenance and safety training, customer representations, sales events and so on and so forth. The huge advantage of virtual reality over all other types of visualization is the immersion and full-scale models. Using virtual reality in the design and development process can greatly improve and therefore shorten processes. It can help teams consisting of different people to communicate on the same level. This will save time and money” – Sandra Bergmeir, WorldViz.

New interactive product sales tool released

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Stereoscape offers a new kind of product; an interactive sales tool that eliminates the need for a physical object by demonstrating products on a tablet device from any angle, zoomed and animated to simulate actual operation. With the Mobile 3D Catalogue it is possible to replace traditional demonstrations with interactive sales, marketing and training presentations, as well as to start selling products from digital versions. This speeds up product development processes and enables an in-depth analysis of all activity happening  within the app via an analytics dashboard. The Mobile 3D Catalogue is built on Onu One platform, meaning that all digital assets are in one secure platform where it is easy to upload CAD files and display them on a tablet or a smartphone.

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Smart Retail UK Seminar – 4 June 2015

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As part of the Smart Retail U.K. Seminar at Finpro, Stereoscape was invited to speak on Smart Technologies at Point of Retail Experience and how Smart Technologies can be used as part of the Retail Experience. In the seminar we discussed the current needs resulting from the investment boom in the U.K. smart retail market and the ensuing business opportunities for Finnish companies.

Stereoscape’s Digital Marketing Manager Saana Häkkinen highlighted that the physical store will remain the primary retail touchpoint for consumers in the future, but it will become more omni-channel, a combination of physical and virtual. Consumers’ shopping behavior has changed and the whole retail sector is changing dramatically alongside it. Retailers have to create better omni-channel experiences in order to keep up with the developing and changing needs of customers.

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Stereoscape in the FLUX Innovation Lounge in London

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Stereoscape has teamed up with Flux LDN – an innovation lounge in London for emerging interactive technologies. The partnership was launched by presenting Stereoscape´s interactive retail solution RFID iScape in co-operation with Suunto Watches and iFace Digital Mirror from CloudCasting.

RFID iScape is an “intelligent shelf” which turns physical products – cosmetics, clothing, toys, packaged foods etc. – into interactive product stories with the help of RFID tags attached to the products. When customers interact with a product the RFID sensors trigger a nearby digital screen to display videos, images, reviews, usage tips and other content related to the selected product. At the same time the RIFD iScape solution generates a wealth of useful data on customers and their behaviour, including gender, age group, item picked and time viewed.

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Stereoscape at Wärtsilä´s stand in Nor-Shipping 2015, Oslo, Norway

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Wärtsilä launched the most efficient 4-stroke engine in the world at the Nor-Shipping 2015 exhibition in Oslo, Norway with the help of Stereoscape´s interactive engine presentation. Enabling Wärtsilä to launch the new Wärtsilä 31 engine in a way that captured the imagination of visitors as well as provided a detail-based view of the elements and features of the engine.

The interactive engine presentation enabled the 3D-viewing of the Wärtsilä 31 as well as rotation and zooming of the engine. These elements allowed visitors to dive deeper into the features of the engine. Additionally, the key benefits of the engine were highlighted so visitors could explore those via videos and afterwards obtain detailed information of the specified benefit with the help of the holographic look.

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