DAQRI Smart Glasses® are professional-grade AR smartglasses for enterprise use. The portable, light-weight wearables augment reality in real time by relaying 3D and other digital content directly in the user’s field of vision. Visualisation of and interaction with digital content in the real world can assist workers and improve productivity in a range of areas, such as installation, field services, manufacturing, and construction.

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Optical sensors include a HD camera for capturing still images and video, a wide-angle tracking camera and a depth-sensing camera, enabling users to ‘pin’ AR items in place and have them remain in the same position. A belt pack contains the device’s battery and  processing unit.

DAQRI Visual Operating System (Vos) powers the immersive AR experience. The user interface utilises gaze control (gaze & dwell) to explore and select items hands free. Gaze control is used for selecting, managing and quitting applications, typing hands free on a virtual keyboard, browsing web pages, taking pictures or shooting videos, connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and managing other settings. Physical buttons give access to brightness and volume controls, the user interface, and camera.

DAQRI Smart Glasses come with AWS-powered Worksense, a productivity suite of essential AR applications with features like Show, Tag, Scan, Model and Guide.

  • Show enables collaboration with remote experts or customers using video chat and digital annotations. Watch the video.
  • Tag enables users to attach information to real-world objects to provide “just-in-place data”. Live data from existing enterprise systems can also be linked. Watch the video.
  • Scan instantly maps environments and equipment to create photorealistic, shareable 3D digital models. Watch the video.
  • Model provides users a simple way to upload, view and explore 3D models. Model: BIM Edition converts high resolution 3D objects from Autodesk BIM 360 Docs into immersive, full-scale walkthroughs.
  • Guide brings work instructions, job plans, and reference media into AR view and helps deliver the right content to people in the context of their jobs and environment.