Immersive factory are pioneers of active and innovative VR  based health and safety (HSE) training courses. With their easy to use distribution platform that includes real time analytics, organisaation can keep a track of overall learning output and productivity.  The VR-based exercises developed by Immersive Factory leverage the benefits of active learning and give trainees a leading role in their HSE training.

Involve employees in immersive simulations

Once immersed in one of the many life-like virtual environments, your employees can actively engage with best practices, while learning how to follow procedures and identify the risks in their work environment. Immersion, initiative-taking and evaluation are the keys to an active learning experience that prevents risks and produces a long-term influence on behavior.

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Raise safety awareness through simulated virtual accidents

The immersive  HSE courses create a virtual simulation of accidents and incidents to expose learners to the hazards in their line of work and minimize the risks in real life.

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Generate statistical reports on the procedural errors made

By the end of the course, managers can access accurate statistical charts on the errors made by their employees during the immersive experience. Organizations can use virtual reality courses to not only assess their employees’ behavior, but also deliver objective debriefing sessions to truly lead change.

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