PROSCAPE Productivity Improvement Solutions are 3D and XR powered solutions that assist employees in work and learning with new ways of seeing, using and sharing product and process information – including IoT data generated by in-use products and equipment.

Our key offerings

We design and build ProScape solutions for different use cases. These are the key areas we are working on.

Learning & training

XR-powered safety training

XR-assisted learning of job-specific skills

XR-enhanced mobile eLearning

Multi-user XR for guided learning sessions

Recruiting & onboarding

XR-based introduction of your company

XR-enabled simulations to test job applicants

XR-powered tours for site orientation

XR experiences to introduce company culture and company policies, like code of conduct and security policies

Assisted working

XR-enabled checklists, step-by-step work instructions, images, drawings, diagrams, measurements, animations, video clips and other visualisations overlaid on physical objects to assist employees in installation, service, maintenance, quality control and other tasks

XR-based access to remote expert assistance in maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and other activities – see-what-I-see applications

XR visualisation of objects and functions behind physical barriers – so-called ‘X-ray vision’

Key business benefits


Enhanced productivity & performance

Digital information overlaid on the real world – in the right place and at the time it’s needed – helps workers carry out complex tasks more efficiently.

See-what-I-see assistance from a remote expert helps resolve issues faster and improves employee performance.

Hands-free, heads-up access to digital content via AR/MR headsets speeds up work.


Reduced cost & time

XR-based remote collaboration and remote training reduce cost and time spent on travelling.

Faster troubleshooting under XR-enabled remote guidance decreases costly downtime.

XR-based training is often faster and more scalable than traditional training – and more cost-effective with no need for physical equipment and materials.


Increased safety & quality

Making invisible safety hazards visible with the help of XR improves safety in the workplace.

Practice for risky and rare situations in realistic and memorable XR settings improves safety when real crises occur.

XR-enabled access to step-by-step instructions and remote guidance help employees make fewer errors.

XR-based information and visualisation facilitate quality monitoring and inspection.


Improved recruiting & learning

XR drives inspiring and immersive candidate and employee experiences during recruiting and onboarding.

XR enables learning by doing – through mistakes and numerous repetitions – in a safe virtual environment.

XR makes training more engaging and more appealing to young employees.

XR-based training improves retention and recall.

Read more about the benefits of virtual reality in recruiting, learning & training.

Extended reality – XR


XR is an umbrella term for augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR).

XR is already enabling companies to support and connect their employees more effectively, provide more experiential learning and increase efficiency in applications across product life cycles.

You benefit from our partnership with some of the world’s leading XR technology innovators. Read more about our key technology partners in PROSCAPE solutions.

How to get started?

We typically start ProScape projects with a proof of concept or pilot in a limited use case, applying XR technologies to demonstrate feasibility, usability and business benefits and justify further investment.

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