Interactive and immersive 3D, XR and 360-degree learning


Our PROSCAPE solutions drive effective onboarding, safety training and other learning experiences powered by interactive 3D and extended reality (AR/MR/VR). Real-time interaction, multi-user experiences in shared virtual environments, and bite-sized content for self-paced learning are just some of the features we can build into PROSCAPE solutions.


Learning content is always tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our experts create immersive 3D worlds – using computer animation or capturing real-world environments through 360-degree filming – add other content and interactivity and build a solution ready for distribution and use.

Key features

XR powered – AR, MR and VR alternatives, depending on use case
Familiar touch control or intuitive gesture and gaze control – depending on XR alternative selected
Unlimited, extensible and updatable virtual space – new content can be cost-effeciently added
Single-user and multi-user usage modes for individual and shared experiences

Key benefits

Transfer knowledge more effectively

Provide more flexible access to new knowledge and skills, catering to learner’s preference to anytime, anywhere learning.

Improve safety

Make invisible hazards visible, create training scenarios that are too expensive to recreate in real life and allow people to practise for dangerous situations in safe settings.

Boost engagement, retention and recall

Enable personalised and experiential learning that gives people control of their learning experience and helps them recall and retain more information.

Cut costs and carbon footprint

Connect learners and trainers remotely and use virtual instead of physical equipment to reduce travel and other costs and carbon footprint.