Our PROSCAPE offering is supported by the award-winning technology from our partner RE’FLEKT. RE’FLEKT’s groundbreaking enterprise AR and MR ecosystem consists of two powerful platforms: REFLEKT ONE for content creation and REFLEKT Remote for remote expert solutions.

REFLEKT ONE is an AR/MR platform for step-by-step instructions that assist your own employees or your customers’ personnel in installation, service and maintenance, operations, and learning and training.

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Installation / Service / Maintenance

Assist your own workers with on-demand, in-context instructions overlaid on real-world objects or enable self-guided procedures by your customers.

  • Reduce expensive downtime by empowering employees to solve problems and complete tasks faster with the help of 3D visualisations and intuitive step-by-step instructions
  • Reduce errors and lower costs by helping employees do their job right the first time
  • Increase efficiency by leveraging real-time data collection and automated inspection report creation


Assist employees by turning paper-based manuals into smart interactive guides and help make sense of IoT data by visualising it in AR/MR.

  • Improve performance and safety with easy-to-follow guides that are always at hand
  • Enhance efficiency by visualising relevant IoT data directly on machinery or equipment in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Leverage flexibility provided by multi-language and cross-platform support (Android, iOS, Windows and Microsoft HoloLens)

Learning / Training

Assist your own employees or your customers’ personnel by creating interactive, immersive content for both on-the-job and off-the-job training.

  • Help less experienced workers perform tasks with on-the-spot instructions, while enabling effective learning on the job
  • Increase training efficiency, motivation and knowledge retention with visually compelling, interactive AR/MR content
  • Enable self-guided learning, ease transition to real-life tasks and help refresh memory in the field with an in-your-pocket training tool

REFLEKT Remote directly connects your field service technicians or your customers’ personnel to a dedicated support expert to provide real-time AR guidance on a shared video stream.

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One touch solution

Intelligent routing technology imme­dia­tely connects your field service tech­ni­cians or customers to the right support expert on smart­phones, tablets or smart glasses – with one touch.

  • Expedite troubleshooting, reduce costly downtime and save on travel expenses with on-demand, real-time diagnosis and guidance by remote experts
  • Enable support in loud environments or offline spaces through indi­vi­dual and group chat for text commu­ni­ca­tions and easy file transfer of Excel, Word, pdf, videos, screenshots and more

See what I see

Field technicians receive AR guid­ance directly on the shared video stream of their device camera, and both tech­ni­cians and experts can draw and write directly onto real world objects.

  • Enhance communication by highlighting details and conveying relevant information with online or offline AR annotations or by sharing screen with the expert
  • Enable heads-up, hands-free work with smart glasses and augmented inst­ruc­tions displayed directly in the technician’s field of view

Incident memory and management

Field technicians have access to complete item history through incident memory and can search a data­base with previously solved inci­dents – without contac­ting an expert and even offline.

  • Improve productivity by building a knowledge base of past incidents and monitor operations with in-built incident and user analytics
  • Increase efficiency through cloud-based incident management with an overview of all open, in-progress and closed incidents and keep colleagues informed through incident forwarding