Features and benefits

Key features

  • INSTANT ACCESS – instant one button access to expert knowledge by your employees and customers via live video through smartphone, tablet or data glasses
  • REAL-TIME CONNECTION – ‘Intelligent Routing’ technology immediately connects to the right remote expert who can draw annotations or overlay visual instructions onto the real-world view with the help of AR
  • INCIDENT MANAGEMENT – overview of all open, in-progress and closed incidents and access to a global database of issues already resolved. Filter capabilities simplify the search for issues and support cases
  • WHITE LABEL SOLUTION – easily brand REFLEKT Remote with with your unique logo, colors and other elements of your corporate identity

Key benefits

  • SAVE MONEY AND ENVIRONMENT – eliminate travel costs and reduce carbon footprint with ‘see-what-I-see’ remote assistance
  • SHORTEN RESPONSE TIMES – no time spent waiting for the right expert to arrive onsite
  • REDUCE DOWNTIME – identify errors and diagnose and solve problems faster
  • LEVERAGE EXPERTISE – enable access to the right, most experienced expert for every service call
  • IMPROVE COMMUNICATION – provide visual guidance with AR for better understanding of complex issues
  • IMPROVE SERVICE – use incident-based reporting and other incident management features to build a knowledge base and improve your service offering
Replace outdated communication methods with smart AR communication: Allow your expert to see exactly what your onsite technician sees and place augmented instructions directly in the technician’s field of view – avoid days of back and forth to identify problems and find the right fix for them.