SHOWSCAPE Virtual Showrooms are AR-, MR- or VR-powered product presentation solutions that turn any location into a virtual showroom, where products, services and spaces can be observed, explored and experienced.

Key features

All main extended reality options – AR, MR, VR – available, depending on client need and use case

Single-user and multi-user modes as alternatives for individual and shared showroom experiences

Familiar touch control or intuitive gaze and gesture control for interaction

Unlimited, extensible and updatable virtual space – new products and other new content can be added to the showroom

Accessible on mobile devices (AR), AR smartglasses and MR/VR headsets, depending on use case

Distributed as PC app, mobile app and web AR/MR/VR in both online and offline modes

Key end uses



Stakeholder communication

Knowledge transfer

View cases

Key business benefits


Show – Don’t tell

Let users experience how products, services and spaces operate, function and perform – instead of being told in a video or slideshow how they work.


Replace 2D with 3D

Leverage the 3rd dimension – depth – to provide digital experiences that bring products to life and feel more real than flat screen experiences.


Enable shared experiences

Allow multiple users to share the same virtual space with a guide who walks them through the showroom, pointing out product features, value etc.


Engage & inform

Immerse users in a virtual world and let them actively engage with information and see data in relevant context to leave a lasting impression.


Combine physical & virtual

Demonstrate what a product would look like in the real world by placing a virtual version of the product in the physical environment.


Transcend distance & time

Show remote locations, simulate rare or high-risk events, or show products and spaces that are still on the drawing board.


Transcend scale

Help users perceive real shape and dimensions by showing products in life size, enable full-scale walkthroughs or expose details invisible to the eye.


Save costs & space

Avoid shipping and setting up physical equipment in tradeshows, speed up learning, and save on travel costs through virtual visits.