Interactive virtual showrooms


Features, benefits, use cases

Key features

XR-powered – AR, MR and VR alternatives, depending on use case
Distributed as Windows or mobile apps for online/offline use on mobile devices (AR) or MR/VR headsets
Multimedia content –photorealistic computer-generated 3D, 360-degree videos/images, text, audio etc.
Single-user and multi-user usage modes for individual and shared experiences
Familiar touch control or intuitive gesture and gaze control – depending on XR alternative selected
Unlimited, extensible and updatable virtual space – new content can be cost-efficiently added

Key benefits

Show – don’t tell

Let users experience how products and spaces function – instead of being told in a passive video or slideshow

Replace 2D with 3D

Leverage the 3rd dimension – depth – to provide true-to-life experiences that leave a lasting impression

Deliver impact & meaning

Place virtual objects in real-world environments or immerse people in a virtual world and let them actively engage with information in its relevant context

Drive shared understanding

Allow a guide and multiple visitors to explore the same virtual space as avatars to promote shared understanding

Transcend distance & time

Give users access to product and places out of reach in the real world – visit remote sites, dive underwater or explore products and spaces that are still on the drawing board

Transcend scale

Help users perceive real shape and dimensions by showing products in life size, enable full-scale virtual walkthroughs, and expose details invisible to the eye

Save costs & space

Use virtual showrooms to avoid shipping and setting up physical equipment in tradeshows or other events

Promote sustainability

Replace physical by virtual to decrease carbon footprint

Use cases

Used as an effective marketing, sales and stakeholder communication tool for virtual walkthroughs and other immersive experiences

  • Tradeshows, roadshows
  • Showrooms
  • Experience & visitor centers
  • Site & factory visits
  • Capital markets days, investor roadshows, annual general meetings
  • Stakeholder engagment in industrial, construction and other projects