Interactive 3D and XR product presentations


Features, benefits, use cases

Key features

Multilayer information architecture – product information communicated at different levels of detail
Distributed as web, Windows and/or mobile app for online/offline use on mobile & other touch screens, LCD screens etc.
Multimedia content – 3D animations, videos, images, text, graphs, voiceovers etc.
Both presenter-controlled and self-service use
Hotspots, image comparison sliders, menus, scrolling etc. for user-friendly interaction
Updatable and extensible with features like product configurators and user analytics
Playable 3D product models for 360-degree spinning, rotating, zooming etc.

Key benefits

Engage & inform & educate

Grab attention, get your message across and let your audience learn something new in a dynamic, informative and visually compelling experience

Create clarity

Help make sense of complex products, services and processes, demonstrate material flows or show features ‘below the surface’

Communicate value

Effectively communicate your product value and competitive differentiators by making product visuals and other product information available in three dimensions

Customise & personalise

Customise your message to audiences with different needs and interests and communicate at appropriate level of detail

Boost efficiency

Leverage existing digital assets, repurpose passive content and keep product information up-to-date in one place and with anytime & anywhere access

Ensure consistency

Drive consistent product communication across customer touchpoints and across your organisation, including channel sales

Save costs & space

Save on transport and other costs by replacing physical products with lifelike interactive 3D visualisations

Benefit from scalability

Get flexible content updates and extensions, new language versions, additional features etc.

Use cases

Used as an effective marketing, sales and stakeholder communication tool for customer engagement and education, product training, knowledge transfer and more

  • Sales meetings
  • Tradeshows, roadshows
  • Showrooms, experience & visitor centers
  • Internal meetings, distributors meetings
  • Channel sales
  • Capital markets days, investor meetings
  • Annual general meetings
  • Digital channels