SMARTSCAPE Interactive Product Tours are touch & click controlled product presentation solutions that combine powerful 3D visualisations with multiple layers of product information and progressive navigation to produce highly informative, interactive product experiences.

Key features

Multi-layered product storytelling with multimedia content: animations, videos, images, text, graphs, voiceovers etc.

Hotspots, side menu, scrolling, image comparison sliders etc. for interaction

3D product models for 360o spinning, zooming, rotating and looking ‘under the hood’

Accessible as web or mobile app on mobile and other touchscreens, laptops, desktops, video walls etc. both offline and online and in both presenter-controlled and user-driven modes

Extension to immersive AR, VR or MR possible utilising the same 3D content

Optional product configurators; optional analytics

Key end uses



Stakeholder communication

Product training

View cases

Key business benefits


Engage, inform & educate

Help make sense of complex product stories and effectively communicate your product value and competitive differentiators


Customise & personalise

Customise experiences to your audiences’ needs and interests in both user- and presenter-driven product presentations


Appeal to emotions & logic

Inspire with strong 3D visuals while enabling in-depth exploration of versatile product data


Make invisible visible

Demonstrate inner workings, material flows and other hidden features with the help of computer-generated content


Ensure consistency

Drive consistent product communication across touchpoints and organisation, including channel sales


Improve productivity

Provide up-to-date product information, all in one place and with anytime & anywhere access, for your personnel


Save costs and space

Replace physical products with lifelike virtual 3D models in your product presentations


Benefit from scalability

Extend use to new applications, add new products/product lines and leverage flexible content updates