Interactive 3D and XR product presentations


SMARTSCAPE® interactive 3D and XR product presentations are touch and click controlled solutions that combine powerful 3D visualisations with progressive levels of product information to transform product communication from passive explanation to interactive exploration.


Our solutions grow with your needs. You can start from a basic version and later add new content and new features – or start from a more extensive version. These are some of the options we offer.

Key features

Multilayered information architecture – product information communicated at different levels of detail
Interactive 3D product models and other multimedia content
Updatable and extensible with features like product configurators and user analytics
Hotspots, image comparison sliders, menus, scrolling etc. for user-friendly interaction

Key benefits

Engage, inform, educate

Grab attention, get your message across and let your audience learn something new in a dynamic, informative and visually compelling experience

Boost efficiency

Leverage existing digital assets, repurpose passive content and keep product information up-to-date in one place, with anytime and anywhere access

Communicate value

Effectively communicate your product value and competitive differentiators by making product visuals and other product information available in three dimensions

Save costs and space

Save on transport and other costs by replacing physical products with lifelike interactive 3D visualisations