Interactive 3D and XR solutions for use cases across product lifecycles

Our work in immersive 3D started from experiential marketing in the late 2000s. With the addition of AR and VR to our tech portfolio, it soon became obvious that these technologies could benefit our clients beyond marketing applications. Today, we offer interactive and immersive 3D and XR solutions for various uses cases across product lifecycles.

Three solution families

Solutions for marketing & sales & stakeholder communication

Solutions for other stages of product lifecycles

Bespoke solutions and services

Custom solutions and applications

All our projects involve a degree of customisation in terms of content and other client-specific features. But we also design and build entirely customised 3D and XR solutions and applications. We work on an end-to-end basis, starting from concept design, where we turn your vision and requirements into a creative and technical scope, and ending with a solution or application ready for deployment.

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XR consulting services

XR is gaining momentum, as more companies are piloting use cases and early adopters have already progressed to industrial scale applications. XR is not about shiny new technologies, but about enhanced employee performance, better learning outcomes and cost savings. Our XR specialists are ready to discuss how XR can add value and how to get started. Our showroom is an excellent place for XR workshops for your management and other teams.

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3D content production

Compelling 3D visualisations are an important element of all our solutions. Our modelling, rendering and animating pipeline for computer-generated (CGI) 3D content – based on your CAD files or other digital assets – is at your service. We also produce new content and content updates to the solutions we have delivered.

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