Productivity improvement tools

PROSCAPE® solutions assist work and learning with new ways of seeing, using and sharing information. Depending on the use case, PROSCAPE® uses AR/MR that overlay digital content on top of the real world; or VR that provides entirely virtual, simulated experiences.

PROSCAPE® solutions have a modular structure that supports various use cases from design & engineering to training and maintenance. PROSCAPE® projects start from proofs of concept and pilots to demonstrate impact and benefits before wider scale implementation. Target benefits include improved productivity, quality or safety; or more effective communication and collaboration.

  • Enable field service workers to share what they see with offsite experts in real time to get assistance and advice while performing tasks (‘see-what-I-see’ applications)
  • Speed up work and reduce error rates on site, on the factory floor, or in the field by overlaying step-by-step instructions and other actionable information onto real equipment or other real-world objects
  • Empower geographically distributed design teams to collaborate and share ideas on virtual, full-size 3D designs that enable showing, instead of just telling
  • Drive effective and efficient on-the-job training in virtual environments that replicate real-life scenarios, helping learners stay engaged and retain information
  • Enable training for rare or potentially dangerous situations cost-efficiently and in safe settings
  • Decrease need to travel by expert staff for troubleshooting and training
  • Accessible on AR smartglasses, AR smart helmets, MR/VR headwear, smart mobile devices and desktops

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