Virtual showrooms

SHOWSCAPE® turns any location into a virtual showroom using augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR) or virtual reality (VR) technologies.

Products, services and spaces can be experienced, tested and observed in action in a highly engaging manner for marketing & sales, design, training and other purposes.

  • Lifelike 3D visualisations, 360-degree views and intuitive interactions add depth and realism to the experience
  • Life-size products can be demonstrated in their actual environments
  • Concealed structures, internal functions and material flows can be exposed for detailed inspection
  • There are no physical or space constraints: Showroom visitors can dive underwater or enjoy a virtual walkthrough inside an engine
  • VR creates an entirely virtual experience – with a strong sense of being there – by blocking out reality
  • AR/MR create experiences where both physical and digital objects coexist, enabling augmented product presentations or entire catalogues that allow users to customise products virtually, preview products in existing spaces and more
  • Easy to update because content is computer-generated
  • Accessible on mobile touchscreens (AR), AR/MR headwear and VR headsets.
  • Check out our VR-in-a-Box to provide SHOWSCAPE® experiences on the go.

Take a closer look at our latest SHOWSCAPE® cases

VR KOTI by Design from Finland – A virtual Finnish home

ABB Azipod – Virtual underwater showroom