Interactive product tours

High quality 3D visualisations, familiar touch control, and multi-layered storytelling make SMARTSCAPE® a powerful presentation tool.

SMARTSCAPE® empowers businesses to showcase their product, service, or process and transfer product knowledge in marketing & sales, training and other applications.

  • Replaces linear product presentations with personalised product tours controlled by the user or tailored by the presenter to different audiences
  • Interactive hotspots reveal multiple layers of informative content showing product specifications, showcasing products in action, or displaying other product information
  • Scalable for type and amount of content (animations, texts, graphs, audio clips, etc.)
  • Easy to update and expand because of computer-generated content and modular structure designed for scalability
  • Adaptable to diverse presentation needs from individual products to entire product portfolios
  • Scalable for any number of users
  • Accessible on mobile and other touchscreens, laptops, video walls etc. – offline, online, and on the go

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