360 video

360 videos allow viewers to look in every direction around them. The videos are typically recorded using multiple cameras or specialised omnidirectional cameras that contain multiple lenses. 360 videos can be viewed via personal computers, smartphones and other mobile devices or special head-mounted displays.

Immersive experiences, interactive hotspots

Watching a 360 video in a virtual reality headset can be highly immersive, even if it is not a true VR experience. Whereas true VR simulates reality through computer-generated 3D content, 360 videos capture physical reality.

Most of the 360 videos produced today are monoscopic or 2D. They provide a flat representation of reality, whilst stereoscopic 360 (3Dx360) adds a third dimension – depth – to the video footage. But when viewed with a VR headset, even 2Dx360 videos can create an illusion of depth, a sense of being there.

Interactive hotspots, triggered by touch or gaze, can be embedded in the video to introduce additional content as images, text, animations, video, audio or web links.

Virtual factory tours & other applications

360 videos can tell compelling stories and help people understand more about products and places. Factory tours for visitors or employee orientation; real estate walkthroughs and store or showroom visits are some of the immersive experiences you can offer via 360 videos. Or you can promote destinations, showcase events and deliver inspirational brand experiences.

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