Audio content

One photorealistic 3D visualisation can replace multiple 2D images and numerous pages of written documents. Presenting the 3D content interactively in augmented, mixed or virtual reality further enhances understanding. Interactive 3D communication can deliver your message without words – and save you money since no localisation or translations are needed. But sound can ensure your message is fully understood or make an immersive experience even more effective.

Voice-overs in different languages

A voice-over helps in highlighting the most important in your message, in adding emotion, and in making your story easier to follow. With the help of our network, we can produce professional voice-overs in any desired language – Chinese, Arabic, English, German, Swedish, Finnish, etc. Making several language versions at the same time is a cost-effective way to localise your message. Contact us to find out more about our voice-over services.

3D audio in immersive experiences

Sound is an important element of immersive experiences, especially in virtual reality. A convincing soundscape adds another level of realism to the alternate reality created by VR, but 3D audio also expands the experience in mixed reality. A spatial audio system with head tracking produces a sound environment that replicates a natural listening experience. It can simulate sound that comes from different directions and distances and provide the right audio cues to pinpoint a virtual object’s location or to prompt the viewer to look in a certain direction. Contact our experts to learn how we combine 3D visuals and 3D audio to bring virtual content to life.