BLE beacons

Proximity-based digital experiences

Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE beacons are small wireless devices that use low-energy Bluetooth connections (Bluetooth Smart) to send signals to mobile devices that are within range. In order for beacons to communicate with smart devices, users typically have to install an application on their device and opt in through the app to receive messages.

Proximity technologies, like BLE beacons, are gaining popularity in marketing and other applications. Using the targeting power of beacons, you can engage your audience with contextually relevant, timely and personalised content in stores, shopping malls, airports, restaurants, banks, offices, sports venues, festivals, exhibitions and other events.

Beacon-triggered content can range from special offer notifications and digital coupons to event schedules, wayfinding information and other informative messages. You can offer gamified experiences; direct visitors to your exhibition stand; alert attendees of demos or seminars; send thank you notes and more. Besides better targeting of customers, an opportunity to collect information on customer behaviour is one of the biggest advantages of BLE solutions.

See how Stereoscape combined BLE beacons and augmented reality in a gamified customer experience in a shopping centre.