Design sprint workshops

Rapid planning sessions with actionable results

To get off to a flying start in a project with input from key project stakeholders, to map out alternative concepts, or to work out content details, we run rapid planning sessions with our clients. These one- to two-day design sprints are collaborative, interactive workshops with 3 to 8 client participants.

A swift and focused work period means time and momentum are not wasted. An intensive four-phase process orients participants around a common goal, and the team will come out of the process with actionable results.

The three different types of workshops we offer can be stand-alone efforts or run consecutively. We will guide and manage the process and after each workshop, submit a report on what has been discussed and concluded.

Roadmap workshop

Starting point

How to get started with interactive 3D/AR/MR/VR product communication? How to use existing CAD models and other digital assets in product communication? How to utilise smart product communication across product lifecycle?


Roadmap for smart product communication using interactive 3D/AR/MR/VR

Concept workshop

Starting point

How to use interactive 3D/AR/MR/VR in a product launch? How to improve user experience in existing product communication? How to enhance training or maintenance with mobile and wearable technologies and immersive experiences?


Concept for smart product communication (pilot) solution

Content workshop

Starting point

How to script a narrative for an interactive and immersive product experience? How to integrate versatile product information into a virtual product experience? What are the key user interface elements for an attractive user experience?


Storyline, multi-layered narrative, UI prototype for smart product communication