Gamified AR

In the astoundingly popular Pokémon GO game, people use an augmented reality interface to spot and catch virtual monsters superimposed on the real world. Combining gamification with the potential of AR in location-based discovery can produce a range of experiences that activate and motivate people and reward them for their participation and curiosity.

Game-like AR experiences are a dynamic way to catch attention, engage people in place-specific information, and invite customers or visitors to explore the real reality around them. More and more people now know what AR is, can access it via their smart devices, and find it easy and fun. This forms a good basis to engage larger audiences in gamified AR experiences – not only in marketing, but also in education, tourism, museums, exhibitions, etc. You can use gamified AR to teach your audience about products, enhance their brand awareness, increase their understanding of a subject, improve their skills and much more.

Our experts know how to integrate gamified elements in AR experience design for business and other applications. Read how we helped a shopping centre operator to drive foot traffic using gamified AR or contact us for more details.