Holographic displays

Grab attention with floating images

Holographic displays drive powerful virtual experiences by creating a stunning effect of digital content floating in mid-air. 3D product animations spinning in the display captivate audiences at trade shows, corporate lobbies, showrooms, retail and other locations.

Combine real and virtual

Some holographic displays allow you to place a real product inside the display. With eye-catching digital content whirling around the physical product, you can engage your audience in an extraordinary experience combining real and virtual.

Enhance experience with interaction

Interactive control gives your audience a chance to drive their own experience via touchscreen; gesture interaction; radio-frequency identification (RFID); or QR code enabled mobile control. Content can also be activated via motion detection.

Turnkey solutions from Stereoscape

End-to-end solutions with displays, content and interactive controls

A wide range of display sizes and models for 1- to 4-sided viewing and for indoor and outdoor applications

Table-top models, freestanding units with floor stand or customised housing, and displays integrated in exhibition stands or merchandising units

Multiple displays can be connected and synchronised for even more powerful impact

Displays have built-in speakers for audio effects

Audience measurement can be integrated to collect anonymous viewer data on age, gender, mood and viewing times

Content can be cost-efficiently created from your existing digital assets

See how a leading confectionery brand used holographic visualisation to introduce a new product concept, or how Karolinska Institutet installed an extra large holographic display to engage visitors. Or contact us to see holographic displays in our showroom.