Interactive surfaces

Passive surfaces turn into interactive experiences

Interactive surface projections allow you to harness free wall, table, window and floor space in retail, hospitality and other environments to promote your brand and engage customers in interaction with informative and entertaining 3D animations, videos, and other digital content.

Shoppable windows and storefronts


A shop window or storefront can be transformed into an active 24/7 marketing and shopping area to deliver eye-catching experiences and targeted messages. You can encourage passers-by to browse collections, let them shop from your online store, enjoy game-like experiences and more.


iFloor turns a boring floor surface into an interactive playground for customer and visitor engagement in shopping centres, cinema lobbies, sports venues, fairs and other events. The content responds to the slightest movement, putting people in control of the experience.


iBar transforms an ordinary bar or shop counter or other table surface into a touch and motion activated display. The multitouch system reacts to any object that touches the surface, triggering fun entertainment or useful information.


iWindow transforms a store or other window into a touchscreen. With no fixed external components, the installation is safely contained inside your premises. Mobile interaction can be integrated to give shoppers easy access to your web store, trigger an augmented reality experience etc.


Using high-resolution projection equipment, specialist software and motion camera technology, iWall projects special effects and multimedia content onto almost any wall surface for informative or entertaining interaction.

Downloads & links

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