Multi-layered product storytelling

Multi-layered product stories reach more people

Different people in your target audience have different attention spans, expertise, expectations and learning styles. How to align your product communication with the diverse needs and interests? Interactive, multi-layered product storytelling helps to accommodate the different preferences. It drives dynamic product stories that invite people to explore and learn more.

Combined with 3D product animation, layered storytelling takes your product communication to the next level. Each digital layer of multimedia product information – integrated in the visualisation – enriches your product story by exposing new aspects of your product’s features and value. 3D animation also makes it possible to strip back layers to uncover the inner workings of your product.

Personalised experiences enhance engagement

Interactive, multi-layered storytelling engages your audience as active participants who can shape their own experience. Instead of being tied to a linear path, people can navigate through the product story, choose what they want to focus on and enjoy a personalised product journey. They can skim through the content or drill deep into the details that they find the most interesting. Interaction increases retention of product knowledge, and the experience becomes more meaningful, rewarding, and more likely to inspire action.

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