MultiTaction® multi-touch displays

MultiTaction® displays are large multitouch, multimedia surfaces that give multiple users simultaneous access to rich digital content. You can use these dynamic displays to share information, visualise big data, impress and inspire your visitors or educate and energise your team. The versatile medium promotes collaboration, encourages participation and enables compelling product communication.

Freeform interactions and multimedia content

MultiTaction displays enable freeform interactions from one-finger rotation and five-finger panning to dragging or “throwing” objects across the screen. Direct manipulation of content makes interactions easy and intuitive. There is also sufficient space for users to smoothly switch between individual, parallel and joint work. The large digital surface can incorporate several layers of multimedia content, such as photorealistic 3D animations, live action videos, 360 videos, photos, slideshows, text, infographics, audio, social media feeds, quizzes, games, competitions, apps and more.

A range of installation options

  • The displays can be fixed on a wall or mounted as an interactive table
  • MultiTaction iWall can also be installed as a stand-alone unit in the middle of an open space
  • Curved iWall models, with the curvature extending to 90 degrees, are also available

A range of interaction options

  • Ample space for different interaction and collaboration styles
  • Surface responds to hands, fingers, fingertips, 2D markers and real-life objects
  • Infrared pens can be used for writing and drawing by an unlimited number of pens

Engagement and efficiencies

MultiTaction displays work as bold visual elements, guaranteed to attract attention in corporate, retail and other settings. They are an ideal platform to promote understanding of complex topics, evoke ideas and emotions and encourage sharing. As collaborative digital workspaces, they facilitate problem solving, expedite decision-making and enhance productivity in meetings and teamwork. They are also perfect for exploring and customising products.

Turnkey solutions from Stereoscape

Multi Touch Ltd is the leading developer of table- and wall-sized interactive multitouch displays. The company’s MultiTaction systems provide unparalleled responsiveness and scalability. As a member of the MultiTaction partner network and as an expert of interactive digital visualisation and communication, Stereoscape can deliver end-to-end-solutions for high-impact multitouch experiences. We will take care of everything from production of digital content to user interface design and hardware installation.

Find out more about the displays or contact us to discuss the numerous opportunities this technology provides.