Photorealistic 3D animations

Rich visual product communication

It is often impossible to uncover the inner workings of a product with photos, illustrations and videos. 3D animations, on the other hand, can show pistons moving or fluid flowing through a valve. A lot of information is lost in 2D, whereas powerful 3D animations can bring difficult to explain systems to life and simulate complex assemblies virtually. It is simply easier for people to understand a product or process when they can see it in 3D.

Photorealistic 3D animations provide the realism of photography but with far greater flexibility. Animations can be rotated, flipped or separated to show your product from all angles. They can be zoomed in or out for an in-depth or broad perspective, and cutaway views can reveal internal parts in motion.

Cost-efficient digital 3D replicas

We use your existing CAD models or other digital assets to create a digital 3D replica of your physical product, even before it actually exists. While you need the real product to shoot photos or videos, computer-generated 3D visualisations can be produced while your product is still on the drawing board.

We can place the virtual product in a computer-generated environment of your choice to illustrate your product’s value in its intended end use. Alternative configurations or finishes can be easily presented, since the product exists virtually. The digital replica can be quickly modified and updated to reflect revisions – no need for costly photo or video reshoots or new hand-drawn illustrations.

Animated 3D content can be combined with live-action video, still photographs, logos, text, other graphic elements, sound, and in some cases, real products for an exciting multimedia experience.

Computer-generated 3D content can also be cost-efficiently reused. The digital product replica travels across the product lifecycle providing for different visualisation needs from marketing to customer education and from design reviews to maintenance instructions.

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