Projection-based VR

Projection-based VR creates a virtual reality experience via 3D projections in a “cave” like environment. Users wear lightweight 3D glasses, much like the ones used in 3D cinema. Projection-based VR has its place in design visualisation, architectural walkthroughs, industrial training and other tasks that benefit from a shared virtual experience. Small and large teams can look at the same content at the same time and collaborate on designs and data.  The main or lead user has a handheld wireless controller to interact with 3D objects and to navigate virtual environments. High-precision position tracking of head and hands enables free movement even within large spaces.

Flexible and scalable systems

Together with our partners, we deliver 2- to 5-sided projection VR systems on a turnkey basis. In its simplest form, the system requires a corner of a room with either empty white walls or screens. The flexible system is quick to install, which makes it ideal for temporary use at tradeshows and other events, as well as for permanent installations in showrooms, training facilities etc. High-quality 3D projectors leave zero footprint, and projectors can be added and the tracking area expanded to support larger audiences as your needs grow.

The right task–technology fit is important in virtual reality solutions. The choice between projection-based and headset-based VR depends on the specific use case. Our experts will help you with the selection, as with every step of your VR project.

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