Spherical displays

360-degree digital canvas for thrilling experiences

PufferSphere® spherical displays present a unique and fascinating perspective on digital content. The spherical shape is inherently interesting, universally liked, highly aesthetic, and allows people to freely explore content from different angles. Sphere projection enhances perception and provides a natural environment for educational content in museums and exhibits. But these volumetric video displays are equally effective in capturing audience attention in trade shows, showrooms, corporate lobbies and events.

Interactivity enhances engagement

Interactivity adds another layer of excitement to the experience. The displays can be used either as stand-alone interactive attractions or as control surfaces for other devices. In both use cases, spherical displays facilitate rich interaction – in addition to the informative and fun storytelling that goes beyond what is possible with flat screens.

The high-end PufferSphere displays are designed and built by Pufferfish – the pioneers of spherical projection technology.

Spherical projection produces seamless digital image with no blank spots

Shows video, photos, motion graphics, text and other digital content

Interactivity via touchable surface for direct touch input, separate touchscreen, gesture control, mobile control via smart device, or optical tracking systems

Interface elements such as interactive hotspots on display surface facilitate interaction

Different sizes available for portable and permanent installations

Standing or inverted installation alternatives

Stand-alone or integrated solutions

Stereoscape delivers end-to-end solutions with displays, content and interactive controls. Read more or contact us to discuss how you can showcase your brand or products using these exciting displays.