Transparent LCD display boxes

These exciting see-through showcases display digital content on a transparent front surface, while featuring physical products inside the display box. Transparent LCD display boxes can promote products in events, showrooms or retail settings – and even present museum artefacts in an unconventional manner. You can show text, animations, video, or content from your website on the display surface.  The display boxes are also available with touchscreen functionality enabling your customers to interact with the digital content.

Turnkey solutions from Stereoscape

End-to-end solutions with displays, content and interactive controls

Various sizes available

Full HD resolution

Support a wide variety of content formats, including images, video and Adobe Flash

Tabletop models, freestanding units with floor stand or customised housing, and displays integrated in merchandising units or exhibition stands

Audience measurement can be incorporated to collect viewer data

Read how our client showcased high-tech equipment using a transparent display box or visit our showroom to see how the display works.