Virtual assistants

Tireless host for any event

Virtual assistants are holographic-style projections in the shape of real persons, designed to greet shoppers in stores; entertain and educate visitors in events; inform passengers in airports; or act as receptionists in public buildings. This 24/7 digital host gives your customers the same, friendly welcome every single time – and in different languages. Virtual assistants improve efficiency, free up personnel for more important tasks and ensure the consistency of your message.

Digital help via touch interaction

An integrated touchscreen allows customers to select a question from a list of FAQs or visitors to key in the reason for their visit. The lifelike assistant gives the perfect answer or guides in the right direction.

Holographic rear projection onto an acrylic cutout that precisely matches the silhouette of a person

Integrated sound system

Motion sensing technology to trigger audio content or touchscreen interface for interactive communication

Stereoscape delivers a turnkey solution. We can provide the model or you can select the model (employee, professional actor, sponsored athlete, etc.), clothing, and other elements. Our experts take care of the video recording and all other details. Find out more.